Monday, November 24, 2014

Fashion Friday on a Monday

 Since I took last week off and this week is busy with Thanksgiving, I thought I would post a late/early Fashion Friday! This is by far my most favorite yet.
 Right before Drew was born, I fell in love with the children's clothing line, Kate and Libby. I love their tailored pieces, dainty fabric choices, and the ability to mix and match colors, fabrics, and styles. This is by far my favorite outfit in Drew's closet.
 It's OK to obsess over what Drew wears since I can't seem to consistently style myself out of the same old black running leggings and t's! Make it stop!
So, true story, Drew is still sick. Is that even real? We had a three day break from all of the gross stomach bug symptoms, and all of a sudden they came back. I took Drew to the Dr. Friday and stayed home with her in hopes of getting her well and keeping her away from other sick kids.
So my absence in the last week is a mixture of being too tired to think after a two week stretch of sick baby and also too tired to think after a long weekend trip to the mountains. 
 We had the best time in Blue Ridge with my brother and sister in law and friends. We ate a lot of good food, shopped, ran some hills, and rested. I was up by 8:00 every morning. Of course. The one opportunity I get to sleep and I physically can't. I did make myself go running in the freezing cold. I think I am challenging myself now once a month where as I used to at least once a week. Now the challenge is seeing how fast I can change Drew's crib sheets after an accident in the middle of the night when I'm half asleep. Priorities. Motherhood. It'll do it to ya.
 I'm not complaining though. How could I? Really. She's like this little ball of poopy perfection. And let's go ahead and make this the third or fourth post detailing Drew's bowel issues.

Dress and Shirt: Kate and Libby   Tights: Target
   Boots: Minnetonka     Headband: Lemons and Lace

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Friday- Mama Style

 Drew has been sick for two weeks now and I wasn't going to put her through a photo session. 
Also, I really liked this outfit.
 Obviously Drew should stick to modeling and I should stay behind the camera. Awkward posing while avoiding a wild running baby to get a snap was near impossible! I kept telling Drew, "find mama a pretty leaf!" "Find mama another pretty leaf!" "Ooh, pretty, now find another!!"
 Are colored tights still in? I don't care if they are or not. I'm digging them and plan to wear them all winter. I've worn this outfit a total of three times since I put it together last weekend. 
Just so you know. Can't hold a good outfit down.
Andy and I are having a "grown up" weekend for the first time in forever and I am already missing my girl. I know this is normal, but it doesn't make it easier. I keep hearing that time as a couple is good for us though, so we're going with it. I'll probably wear this outfit again this weekend. Tired of seeing it yet, Mr. Broome?
 Andy probably wouldn't notice if I wore this five days in a row. He might notice if I made wierdo faces like the one above and below. I'm embracing the awkwardness right? If I make fun of myself first, it's not as big a deal when someone else does??
 Sweater and dress: Entourage   tights:Target      booties: J.Crew
(proof of the wild baby!)
I hope you people have a snuggly weekend in this crazy, cold weather. I have dug out my favorite sweaters from winter's past and plan to wear them by a fire all weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shop my closet

In case you didn't notice, I have added a "shop my closet" link to my blog! It is just shy of empty at the moment, but I will be adding things every now and then.
My first item:
 To shop my closet, just click the link over in the side bar. You can't miss it.
Drew is still on the mend from her bug and currently suffering from a mysterious rash. If it's not one thing, it's your mother.
We're going to just keep on keeping on.
I read this in my She Reads Truth study today and felt like it was appropriate for our current sick babe circumstances. 
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9
The last few nights when Drew has cried out I have been fearful. How will this stomach bug reveal itself tonight and how will my baby feel? I haven't slept well with anxiety hanging over my head. My study today was talking about hiding God's word in your heart. You need it when you least expect it and still, every day. When I wake up in the middle of the night to tend to my sweet sick baby... hopefully not tonight,(!) I will recall this verse. 

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

Monday, November 10, 2014

How I met your dad Part 1

Dear Drew,

I want you to know that I will never fully do this story justice. That is because it is so darn good. The reality of it is so dreamy that it is near impossible to tell it all perfectly. Of course, that is my opinion, but in time, in years, I hope it is yours too. I hope it gives you reason to smile and makes you feel warm inside. With that being said, I can try.

Your daddy is the best kind of man there is. From the day I met him until now, he has the kind of heart and tenderness that people see and appreciate from knowing him personally or from afar. I see it in his relationships with family, co- workers, and friends through out all of these years. To be his wife is a privilege I dreamt of since a little girl.

I met your daddy in the Spring of 2006. I was a sorority girl, confused at my direction in life. My only care was to have fun and to keep up with my friends. I wasn't near enough concerned with school and my future career. I was supposed to leave that summer to go to a ministry beach project which I wasn't even sure I wanted to do. I was persistently indecisive. Actually, still am.

I had only known your dad for two months before I left though I had an assurance in my heart that he was my person. It was a particular moment. You know, there was a moment when I knew that this guy was supposed to be mine. It was after our first date surprisingly enough. We had such a fun time at a steak house in Newnan with a talking moose and discovered that our families grew up in the same church. I remember feeling it in my heart on the way home that night.

Your dad really laid it on thick in the beginning. His charm came in two forms. He could fancy it up as well as take me on adventures I had never experienced. He told me to get dressed up one night and took me to the Sun Dial. He bought me cowgirl boots to take me to ride horses. I could list many a times that he was full of surprises, but I would be listing forever. Listing forever, I tell you.

When I left for the summer, I knew our communication would be limited. I would be busy as would he. I would need to be focused and not distracted as my peers would most likely think I was. I felt a responsibility to give my all to the ministry and felt guilty for obsessing over what was going on back home with him. It didn't really matter though. Your dad pushed his way in. He took his work trips to Florida and made it possible to have his weekends with me. I couldn't even leave the project to spend that much time with him, but the little time I had available was his. When he wasn't visiting, he was writing. A letter every day. Literally. Every day a letter with a reason he loved me. I remember thinking that it didn't seem real to be pursued so hard.

Your dad also promised me something while I was away. He said he had something for me and would give it to me at the right time. It was a mystery and seriously perplexing, but nothing that I thought about obsessively. Actually, I secretly thought that the mystery thing was a ring. He periodically brought up this thing he had for me with a reminder that one day, I would know what it was.

When I got home from the summer trip, your dad gave me the secret. It was nothing I could have guessed and much different than what I had dreamt up in my head. It was a wooden cross. A perfectly shaped, soft edged, wooden cross. It had three verses on the outside and three words. He explained to me that what was on the outside of it reflected what was on the inside. A puzzle. I thought about it daily. He gave me this cross with the condition that I keep it with me if possible at all times for one day I would learn what was on the inside. It was September when he gave it to me.

Fast forward through our first Fall together, first camping trip, first dog, and first self bought car. That was a fun Fall, wasn't it Mr. Broome?

It was December. He had told me to pick a day to take off work to spend a day with him doing something special. I was working at Parelli's Pizza at the time and had taken a Sunday off. Sunday, December 17th. At the ridiculous hour of 4AM, your dad picked me up from my little house on the blvd. Most of my room mates had gone home for the holidays, only a couple of us still there. We drove to the air port and hopped on a plane to New York. New York!

A dream. This guy, a dream.

He said we had one day to spend in New York. We would be home after sunset in the same day. We walked everywhere. We saw Times Square and walked through Central Park. We visited a couple of stores that I had heard of but never seen. We ate at a nothing fancy sandwich shop in the side of a high rise building. As if the day wasn't special enough, there was a lingering feeling that there was more to come. After an afternoon full of walking in heeled boots, we stopped in Madison Square Park. We sat for the longest time watching the fattest squirrels nibble their way around us.

Your dad asked me if I had the cross and if I wanted to know what was inside it. I was totally freaked out, but excited too. A ring wouldn't have fit in that wooden cross and he couldn't have trusted me to carry it around so long if it had! I obliged nervously. Terribly nervously. I handed it to him. He got a key out of his pocket and started carving into the top of the cross. After a short time, he pulled a note out of it. Red faced and teary eyed, your dad read me his message, written  the summer before.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Plaid Happy

 Some days I don't know if I should dress Drew like the baby she is or more like a version of myself. Lately I have opted for the latter. I just love her in jeans and a fun top like what I would wear. You know J. Crew has something similar to this, right?
 Drew has been battling croup and now a stomach virus in the last couple of weeks. The night before last, we woke to her crying in her crib. I quickly realized that she had been sick at both ends. Everywhere. I remember times as a kid being sick in the middle of the night. It's a scary feeling. Now I realize it's not just scary for baby, but mama and daddy too.
 Drew was a champ through it. She took a 3:00 AM bath and daddy gave her a nice blow dry before going back to bed. He wasn't going to have her go to sleep with a cold head. She grinned and giggled and played in the bath tub like nothing was wrong. 
This is what we do now? Bathe before the sun comes up? OK!
 We are going on day two of this bug. I gave Drew an opportunity to roam the house naked Thursday night to let her bottom air out. Just minutes after I set her free, she walked right into the den, squatted for a building block, and pooped on the floor. She continued on to the next block like "no biggie here!" Sigh.
This is motherhood.
 The last two days have been tiring. No matter what happens and no matter what you think you know, motherhood is worrisome. When I found Drew in her crib covered in all that mess I wanted to cry myself. I hated knowing she felt bad and that I couldn't prevent it. I know there will be many more times just like this. As I was rocking her back to sleep later, I couldn't help but think to myself.. this is not the last time Drew gets a stomach bug. It's not the last time she cries or feels bad and I can't fix it.

 If she's like her daddy,(and I knock on wood as I type this!) she could have many a broken bone. If she's like her mama she will run into glass doors or fall head first out of cheer leading stunts.The options are endless as life is not foolproof.
 I know it's not my job to bullet proof this girl, but to love her through the falls.
 Just as I have been loved through mine.
 Here's to hoping she is on the mend! I don't know how much more diarrhea I can handle. I tried so hard not to use that word, but there you have it!
You guys know this is the ultimate fun for me? I have my own little person to dress up every day!
 Eventually though, when I have time to put myself together, I will get in front of the camera too. Or I'll put some other cute friend in front of it. I hope y'all enjoy!
Cardi: Target   Shirt: Belk   Shoes: Sweet Pea's   Hair Clip: Little Town Boutique

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Updated Kitchen Nook

 Remember when I posted our kitchen nook before/after? Well, I finally got to taking some decent pictures of this space while it was clean! And guess what? It's currently back to being messy. 
Such is life with baby.
 This sweet little school desk belonged to Andy's sister. It says "Jenny" on the seat. I love it and Drew likes to stick things in the cubby below. I can so see Drew having her buddies over one day, playing school and "teaching" on the chalkboard. Of course, she will have to watch some throwback Saved by the Bell or Boy Meets World to know about a chalkboard in the classroom!
I love this Tiny Prints acrylic photo block collage. I went to the Tiny Prints website and easily uploaded the pictures I wanted to use. I was so excited when it arrived in the mail and knew I would have just the space for it. Everyone that sits in the kitchen nook when they visit asks about this fun way to display pictures.
 I could seriously hang pictures of Drew in every corner of the house.
My aunt's advice was to use dark frames on either side of the window which I agree with. I just haven't had the chance to work on it. Everything that happens around here happens slowly! On the right of the window you can see Andy's drift wood. He brought it in the house one night super excited to put it somewhere. I wasn't sure at first, but I love it now. I love the pieces in a home that make it unique to those who live there. So much of this room feels that way.

 These curtains are miracle curtains. They were easy to hang and hem and were so well priced. They definitley look more expensive than they are. Thank you, Ikea. Thank you, Aunt Ruthanne!

 Eventually, I will flip the camera to the other side of the room.. In time, in time!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday S'mores on a Monday

 I ignored my to- do list Sunday. You have to prioritize sometimes.
I mean that. I made it a priority to just be with Drew without an agenda in my head.
Today was a slice of Heaven. I feel like if Drew could form a sentence she would tell me how much she loved this day. She kind of did with hugs and snuggling, which was just as nice.
 I came really close to throwing Drew in the car to run a grocery errand and saw her wondering around the house in her cozy jammies and immediately changed my mind. It's rare that we get a day to do nothing but lounge around, so we did just that!
 Andy's mama had sent us home with homemade vegetable soup which was just right for the cold day. I figured we would need a sweet treat to enjoy after dinner so Drew and I made baked s'mores.
Drew helped as best her teeny hands could. She crushed the graham cracker and gave it a round in the food processor.
Not a fan of the food processor.
 This treat was ridiculously easy and took less than 5 ingredients.
Graham crackers, confectioners sugar, butter, Hershey's, and marshmallows.
 I tried to let Drew have an active part. She fussed while standing by me so I put her on the counter and let her hold different things while I put it together. She was seriously into baking, oohing and ahhing over each step.
(Yes she's on the counter, but mama watched her very closely!)
 I let her taste the crust before I put it in the oven and she proceeded to squeal "eeee! eeee!"
 Andy and my brother in law spent the late afternoon hunting. I knew they would come out of the woods hungry and looked forward to having a treat for them when they got out.
 This restful day was much needed. We had a fun weekend with friends and enjoyed watching Drew play with other kids. She trick or treated Friday night and played hard Saturday night, long past her bed time. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in Drew's classroom each day. She is turning into such a little girl. She thinks she is bigger than she is and often has to visit the "no no" chair because of it. In general though, she is sweet. She is strong willed, but tender-hearted too.
 Drew and Betsy waited by the back door for daddy and Uncle B to come home. Betsy got a little more loving than she would have liked.
When they finally arrived after dark, Drew shared a s'more and put Uncle B in the "no no" chair. 
We love Uncle B!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Bake them and then fall into a sugar coma. They are that good.