Friday, April 24, 2015

The Bonnet

 Drew refused to wear this precious bonnet on Easter like I planned. Nothing in life goes as planned does it? Drew teaches me this every morning. Literally. This is a universal mommy truth.

 Of course, she was all about it with the bribe of some chex mix. Wish I had known that Easter morning. When I put it on her sweet little head for these pictures she acted like it was no big deal.
("No big deal mooooooom!")
Drew is growing by leaps and bounds. She is saying an abundance of words and repeating everything she hears. She tells us to "siii down!" (sit down) and to "piii up!"(pick up) when she drops something. She is demanding but we can't help but laugh.
 Her new thing is to yell "no shoes!" when she's freaked out. Andy has a mini helicopter he flies around the house. When she hears it,  she comes running to find me screaming, "no shoes!!" 
No one's getting your shoes little girl.
 Drew has tinkled in the potty a handful of times. Not sure if this is something to get excited about because she still thinks it's funny to poop in the bath tub. She laughs. Mommy doesn't laugh. Mommy does blog about bath tub poop and bonnets. Oops.
 The first word out of Drew's mouth every morning is "daaadddy." She wants daddy upon waking. Andy is of course, on his way to work when she wakes. I have to give her a minute each morning to come to terms with the fact that she's stuck with mama. When I tell Drew that she's being sweet or that her hair looks pretty she says "daaaadddy" and grins really big. She knows that daddy always tells her those things. We love daddy.
 If you're still here reading... thanks for your loyalty! I'll try to be back soon!
 Bonnet: The Beaufort Bonnet Company   
Romper: RL 
Shoes: Sweetheart Sun Sandals

Friday, February 27, 2015

Clumsy Ballerina

 I took these pictures back before Christmas. Drew was too sick for pictures this past weekend. Remember that time I knocked on wood for saying we had a well streak?? Oops.
 Drew had a bug from last Friday until Monday-ish. Then of course, mommy got one too! Mine was a lot shorter than hers.
 This little outfit is super cute and silly. I dressed her in it for my pure entertainment.
 Let me tell you. Those neck ruffles were a no-go. Drew was all, "Noooooo mamaaaa!" I told her to suck it up for mommy to get a pretty shot.
 And she did. I love this girl.

 Dress: Little Magpie       Headband: East of These 
(Also, East of These is having a BOGO vegan leather headband special if you or your little lady needs one!)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Our First Honey Bee Tee

Drew is WILD. Taking her picture is like trying to catch a lizard by its tail. You just hope whatever body part you grab keeps her from running away! Getting a non- blurred picture is almost impossible. She keeps us on our feet. At the same time though, all of a sudden she can sit and play by herself. We can possibly sit in the den for 5 minutes without following her out of the room. This is especially nice on Saturday mornings.
 This is a Honey Bee Tee. One of my favorite bloggers who no longer blogs started this t- shirt company. I admired them from afar until Drew was finally big enough to fit the smallest size. These t-shirts are so soft and perfect for a little one to play in.  
 Drew's leather bow is from my old college buddy's shop, Southern Adoorments. Nikki makes the most magical bows. If you want one, you need to follow her on Instagram for her "bow releases." No joke, they sell out fast!
I don't know if you watch the news, but there are so many scary stories swarming the television these days.It's important to remember at this time and all times in our lives Who is in absolute, unquestionable control. If you feel overwhelmed as I often do, I think you should get lost over here. And just like her page says, get some quiet relief.
I hope everyone has an excellent weekend.
I know me and Drew will be glad to have some time with Daddy!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh, Hey.

 Y'all. These pictures have nothing to do with anything. Except that they were taken in my long absence from this blog.
 (NYE 2015- bonfire + fireworks= excellent fish eye lens experimenting opportunity)
So here it goes... life has been busy, womp, womp. Drew is growing and becoming smarter, faster, sassier, everything "er." Therefore I am all the more tired"er."
In a brief burst of energy, I give you a re-cap:
We had a great Christmas spent at our house with all of our family and more. Christmas day we had friends and family visit and have lunch with us. I felt such warmth in my heart as different people popped in and shared in the coziness of our home on the most precious day of the year. 
My favorite memory from Christmas day, was waking Drew that morning. Me, Andy, Drew's grandparents, and Aunt and Uncle all stood outside of Drew's door singing "Rudolph." We watched her on the monitor stand up in her crib and yell, "hey!!"
 NYE was spent with close friends also at our home. Andy built a giant bonfire which the guys tended all night while the girls meandered back and forth from the fire inside to outside.
I made resolutions for the New Year and am currently working on them. This may or may not have led me away from the blog! I promise to be back though.
 January took Andy away for a week for work and a hunting trip which gave me and Drew some nice quiet time at home together. Drew is learning so many words and what things mean. She loves to read her "bibuh(Bible)" and tuck her baby in "ni ni(night night)." You can tell her to go to her room and pick out a certain book and she will bring it to you! Drew likes to poke and name all the parts of your face too. The kid does tricks, I tell ya.
 January brought out the more fit Kirbey. January tends to do that to people right? I haven't been running as much as I would like, but I have been squatting and crunching a lot more. Resolutions. Taking them one day at a time. Also resolving to drink less chocolate milk.
 2015 has turned Andy into a carpenter. He's like a master wood worker, I'm not even kidding. I can't wait to post on his two most recent projects!
 That's it for tonight ladies and gents. I PROMISE I'll be back!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cozy Weekend and Christmas Cards

I only ever take pictures in our kitchen nook! It's just my favorite room in the house. This is Drew's tree. It is colorful and filled with soft pom poms and animals. Drew has loved the pom poms and I have to remind her often that they stay on the tree. (Not in her mouth) I will be making pom poms for days. My goal for 2015 spare time is to make them for Christmas next year because they take a while! They look adorable though so they're totally worth it.
A rocking horse. Nana brought this over Saturday for Drew to ride on since she enjoyed playing with one at her Great Grandpa's. She loved it. This lady in her Christmas jammies, on a rocking horse... I could serve her with ice cream and eat her right up.
My house is a disaster. This room was clean long enough to take a couple of pictures and now.. maybe I will post those pictures later this week.
I see it like this, I can continue to decorate, address invitations, and bake cookies, or I can obsess over every mess made. I'm really good at obsessing too. It's a little easier to quit the clean obsession when I remember how fleeting time is. Drew is only getting older each day.
I use my mason jars for every season. In the Spring, flowers. In the fall, pine cones. In the winter, Christmas tree scenes! I just need some little deer to put in there.
Our Christmas cards arrived freakishly fast. Thanks, Tiny Prints!
One of my favorite things about this time of year is checking the mail for Christmas cards. I love sending them too. Our card this year reflects our family so well. I debated on picking a more formal picture of Drew, but I loved these pictures from our visit to the tree farm. We enjoyed that day immensely. It may be my favorite day in the last year.
Y'all. Last week of work before Christmas! I. Can't. Wait.

(In Drew's defense.. this was Saturday night. She woke up Sunday morning with a nose bleed and a fever. Not sure she was feeling so well the night before for a picture.)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Style

 I love dressing Drew in traditional smocking like I wore as a little girl. Drew even has a couple of my "vintage" smocked gowns from almost...ALMOST(key word here) 30 years ago. That's because I'm not yet 30, people. There is nothing sweeter or more traditional than a smocked gown. 
 I also love big people style on little people. This outfit is just that. It's so fun and I could almost see it on the page of a fashion blogger posting about going to a Christmas party. 
It's festive with gold and mixed patterns. 
And that's enough about that.
Dress, Cardi, Tights: Target       Boots: Crazy 8

 Y'all, I'm tired. I plan to fully relish in all that is the Christmas season this weekend. 
You can find me in my pajamas, by the fire, watching Home Alone, wrapping gifts, mailing Christmas cards, and snuggling my sugar plum baby. 
 Enjoy the next couple weeks of December... They're going too fast!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

How Swept Away came to be

If you're new to Swept Away, here is brief introduction. Why? Because that "About" tab at the top of the page was feeling lonely.
Swept Away began in 2008 when Andy and I got married and has always been a fun way to document our marriage. I used the name Swept Away because it was a play on our last name, "Broome." I didn't know when I began the blog that the name would mean even more in time. My husband is a passionate fisher man. I realized this after we were married when a handful of beach trips had to include a deep sea fishing excursion. It's funny that he loved it so because I remember my dad had always told me that that was one thing he wanted to take me to do that we never got to. Deep sea fishing. Andy made his vacation hobby a living dream when he bought his own boat. 
We named it, yep, Swept Away. 
 (The first Swept Away)
We enjoyed the heck out of that boat. We took more beach trips than ever just to put her in the ocean. I will never forget the wonder I felt when we dropped anchor out in the middle of the deep blue sea surrounded by nothing but water. No sight of land, the only noise was the wind, waves, and people scooting by you to prepare their rod and reel for a big fish! 

 From my personal experience, there was always a tad bit of fear about being out their all alone, but a tingling excitement too. I would always think, "Who gets to do this every day?" I'll never forget the ending to one day on the water, I had called it quits on fishing and sat on the tip of the bow of the boat as it rose high and fell deep. Each time it dove, my toes splashed the water.

I was looking, looking, hoping to see a dolphin and much to my excited terror, instead a shark! A hammer head. Maybe 5 feet long. The wonders of the ocean never let us down. Each time we went out there was something fascinating to see. Andy could tell better stories than I could ever tell as he took the boat out many more times than I ever tagged along. 

 And what is this blog or our boat adventures with out my amazing captain. There may be no memory I treasure more of my side kick than our trips out into the ocean. He always had me huddle up to his side as we made our way out. If you've ever been deep sea fishing, you know that the trip out can beat your body up if you're not on a huge boat. You also get very wet. He always placed me right by his side so I would bump into him and not get wet. He let me drive the boat too. He probably loved most watching someone else get a big catch than himself. But rest assure, he was the very best at catching big ones. He would fight a fish for what seemed like hours trying to get it in the boat. Watching him and waiting to see what mystery would come out of the water was literally the best part of the trip.

Shortly after Andy sold the first boat and bought Swept Away II, I found out I was pregnant with Drew. It was decided quickly that the finances and time that are required of a huge ocean friendly boat were not necessarily baby friendly. 

 (This was taken less than two months before we found out I was pregnant with Drew)

We sold Swept Away II and then we got Swept Away III or as some call her, Drew. 

We wouldn't trade Swept Away III for the biggest boat in the ocean. I've found too that Drew is quite undeniably our greatest adventure yet. Even before we took trips to the middle of the ocean, life with Andy was always magical. With Drew here, that magic just multiplies. I thank God for that. That what could feel mundane and routine to some, I can look back on as being totally magical. Life may not look as fabulous as it once did, but it certainly is in a completely different way.
It is my sincere hope and prayer though that some day Andy can get back in the water, as the captain of his boat. Even if it includes a move to the Sunshine State where I can play first mate. 
We can dream right??
 As for now, we continue to live many boat-less adventures with our prized pie little lady. 
I know this post was long, but how do you summarize 6 years of blogging? You can't. That's what the archives tab is for. Read through some old posts and get to know the Broomes. Or click over there on the right hand tab "Popular Posts" for the things people have most enjoyed about this little blog. I will never limit my writing to any one topic. I enjoy my family life most, but every now and then you will find a DIY, home update, and of course, Fashion Friday.
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!