Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Yesterday was the perfect day to get outside and exercise.
 I thought that being home with Drew would allow me to exercise any time I wanted. Kind of the opposite. We normally can't get out of the house until the end of the day.
 Nap time is incredibly important and has to come before any outings after pre school. I never thought I would be one of those mothers so attached to her schedule, but I am. I really don't like to veer from routine. I feel out of sorts when the day doesn't go as I mapped it out in my mind.
 I can imagine moms of multiple children may read that and roll their eyes. I am sure with a second babe in the mix, I won't have a choice. When fresh, new babies arrive, they are the schedule!
Drew was so colicky when she was born. When she came I just waited for the moments where she wasn't crying. I learned quickly then to throw the schedule out of the window. 
I think I will be prepared to plan life around an endlessly crying baby, but I am secretly hoping this one will just want to snuggle and smile. 
 That's really wishful thinking right?? Drew is not a snuggler. She really never has been. She is in constant motion, moving on to the next thing. Most tantrums are a result of someone interrupting her plans. Potty break? No way. Busy playing kitchen.  
 She's definitely not interested in stopping for a picture. She literally runs from my camera. Too bad she has a camera obsessed mom.
 The temperature yesterday was not even fallish. Way to warm to be this close to Christmas.
 The runner in me loved it though. More time to be outside before it turns really cold. Of course, I'm not that big yet, but I am bigger now than I was at the same week with Drew. I am already feeling like something is bouncing on my bladder. All part of it, I know, and am thankful for. I can run again when the new baby comes. I am sure I will need to!
 I try to get Drew out of the house and running around as often as I can. I feel like if I don't, I haven't given her every opportunity to absolutely pass out at bedtime. That's important. I need a tired baby at bedtime.
 I am treasuring sleep now. As I've laid in bed this week, I have started feeling the baby kick. Andy has felt her too. I can't help but remember the realization that hit me not long after Drew was born. Babies are active at night! That's why mommies don't get much sleep.
Wouldn't it be nice if I could assign Drew baby duty in the middle of the night? 
Hopefully she will enjoying playing mommy to her new sister. If it's anything like how she treats her babies, we have some work to do:)
Two is so much fun. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

bath time

 Could be Drew's favorite part of the day. You have to remind her she's not in a pool or lake and can't splash as though she is. 
To which you get this look. 

Bath toys include, old pampered chef kitchen brushes, Thomas the Train, boats, and cups.

 Drew loves to use "big girl" soap. Sugar scrub is her favorite. I pour some in her hand and she rubs it all over saying "ooh, this feel good!" 
She then asks everywhere she can rub it. Can I rub it on my arm? My feet? My tummy?

Bath time has always been fun for mommy too. Maybe because she's contained in a small place and I don't have to chase her for a brief 20 minutes of the day. 

These moments are fleeting. One day she will be picking out her own shampoo and kicking me out of her room and bathroom. For now,  I'll look forward to her helping me bathe little sister and in time, teaching her sister how to play in the bath too. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

catching up

 Drew has a new kitty, Minx.
 She calls him Minxy Boy.
Minx is an outdoor cat and loves every bit of attention he gets from Drew.
I quit my job of 8 years in August and began working on my Master's degree in education. This has allowed me so much time with Drew.
  It was a big life decision to make, and has been well worth it. Drew goes to a two year pre-k at our church in the mornings while I study and then we have the rest of the day together.
 She is exhausting, as every toddler is. I understand why full time moms always feel like they look so haggard. 
 Add in pregnancy and well... you will find me in yoga pants and unwashed hair most days.
 Drew is sassy and stubborn and sweet as can be. She is currently rebelling against potty time. Something about someone telling her to go is the only reason why she refuses. She has incentives to go. Tic tacs and M&M's.
 I take Drew "running" with me, if you can call it that. Drew likes to get out of the stroller and run too. And stop. And pick up leaves. And climb on benches. You get the drift. Running is really chasing Drew. Or lots of walking after tiring from chasing Drew.

I love grad school and everything I am learning. I think after a lot of prayer and a few years of feeling I was in the wrong profession lead me to a good place. 
I am anticipating a crazy spring. New baby, toddler, and somewhere, somehow, studying in the meantime. I can't wait though.
 We all can't wait. Andy says he's going to be outnumbered. He said he's going to have to
 start taking Drew to the woods with him so he will have a hunting partner.
 I think he's got a few years before that can happen. 
I'll be back soon. I finally got all 26,000(that's right) pictures off of my computer and it's finally running faster. All the reason I need to take more and blog. 
Thanks for reading, if you're still here.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

We have an Announcement

Drew is going to be a big sister!
We are all excited and surprised.

 It's hard to imagine we could love anyone as much as we love Drew, but we are so glad we get the opportunity.
 The last few months have felt heavy, but God has continually revealed his blessings and reminded me that He's here. He's in control and He loves me.
Swept Away has been on a seriously long hiatus, but maybe we will be back soon to talk about this new baby and to talk some about the Queen Bee Big Sis.
 You mean to tell me I'm not going to be the main attraction in a few months??

Baby Broome #2 coming April 2016

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Bonnet

 Drew refused to wear this precious bonnet on Easter like I planned. Nothing in life goes as planned does it? Drew teaches me this every morning. Literally. This is a universal mommy truth.

 Of course, she was all about it with the bribe of some chex mix. Wish I had known that Easter morning. When I put it on her sweet little head for these pictures she acted like it was no big deal.
("No big deal mooooooom!")
Drew is growing by leaps and bounds. She is saying an abundance of words and repeating everything she hears. She tells us to "siii down!" (sit down) and to "piii up!"(pick up) when she drops something. She is demanding but we can't help but laugh.
 Her new thing is to yell "no shoes!" when she's freaked out. Andy has a mini helicopter he flies around the house. When she hears it,  she comes running to find me screaming, "no shoes!!" 
No one's getting your shoes little girl.
 Drew has tinkled in the potty a handful of times. Not sure if this is something to get excited about because she still thinks it's funny to poop in the bath tub. She laughs. Mommy doesn't laugh. Mommy does blog about bath tub poop and bonnets. Oops.
 The first word out of Drew's mouth every morning is "daaadddy." She wants daddy upon waking. Andy is of course, on his way to work when she wakes. I have to give her a minute each morning to come to terms with the fact that she's stuck with mama. When I tell Drew that she's being sweet or that her hair looks pretty she says "daaaadddy" and grins really big. She knows that daddy always tells her those things. We love daddy.
 If you're still here reading... thanks for your loyalty! I'll try to be back soon!
 Bonnet: The Beaufort Bonnet Company   
Romper: RL 
Shoes: Sweetheart Sun Sandals