Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Almost Three

I am a terrrrrible mom. Here I am posting about Drew when I haven't introduced Greer to the blog. She's next. 
It's just that Drew is just growing so fast and turns three next week!
I wanted to put a few things on the blog for memories sake.
Drew LOVES dressing up. She has princess attire at home and at the lake. Some mornings she wakes up and before she ever comes out of her room, she puts on a princess dress. When she finds me, she stands there without saying anything, just holding the skirt of her dress. She needs an immediate "Oh wow, look at the princess!" before the morning can begin.
And as much as she loves being a girly princess, she loves pretending to be a pirate, too. She has a sword that she likes to whack us with. We are working on teaching her to be kind in her pretending!
She says the best things all the time. I mean the best. So many times I wish I could record our conversations. She is such a smart girl and has the best vocabulary for such a little person. I am partial to thinking she's the smartest, of course!
A few funnies:
On the way home from our sweet sitter, Mrs. Michelle's house, I asked Drew to tell me about her day. She said, "It's a long story." I asked her to tell me what she played and if she had fun. She said, " I told you it was a long story, mom!" 

Drew is successfully potty trained and swimming almost the length of the pool underwater! She has had a big summer. She's still in a pull up at night though and sometimes she fusses about it. One night recently she was deliriously tired and long past the point of exhaustion. I told her we had to put the pull up on and she started crying. Through dramatic tears, she asked me "Mommy, do you have to wear a pull up too, just in case??" Some days I have to leave the room so she doesn't see me laughing. 

One morning we were on the way to Mrs. Michelle's and Drew randomly asked where her ninnies(her chest!) came from. I told her God gave them to her along with all of the other body parts. She was quiet for a minute. Then she asked, "what about the trees?" I told her God made those too and named some other things in nature that God created. She then asked if God had a magic wand or a magic finger. 
Drew repeats everything. Nothing misses her ears. Sometimes you don't know she's heard something until much later, though. I think she has a little storage bank of words and phrases she doesn't understand to pull out at random times. One day we were sitting in her room playing and it was quiet. She had become busy doing her own thing. All of a sudden she looked at me and said, "Mommy, are you thinking what I'm thinking??" I don't know where it came from, but it was almost the perfect thing to say for the moment.

There are more, but Greer is staring at me from her swing, probably wondering why I haven't written about her! You're next sweet Greer baby!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

toddler drama and Jesus

Two is a really fun age and I can list a bunch of reasons why, but I kind of want to talk about toddler tudes instead. 
Is it just me or do tots know how to really confuse a situation? One minute ready to throw down the gantlet when asked to pick up toys and the next crying hysterically and desperately needing a hug. It literally happens just like that. For instance today, I told Drew it was time to eat her lunch. This was after giving her a good bit of time avoiding lunch to play with her toys. I try to understand that she probably doesn't want to be hurried and I make an effort not to continually herd her from one thing to the next. But this kid wouldn't eat most days unless you shoved food under her nose. She would much rather be realllly busy with Peppa Pig and playing her favorite "jam song" or coloring markers in the wrong places and hissing at the cat. Two-year-old priorities right?

So today, after much persuading, she wasn't giving in. She said, "I no eat right now!" But we had pushed the time and I really needed her to eat before napping. I fussed at her, "Drew, it's time to eat!" To which she started rolling on the floor screaming "no" and kicking her toys around. Which of course aggravated me. I calmly attempted to pick her up and she went limp. Ugh. Literally, Drew, my belly is getting so big, bending to pick you up not only looks awkward but is seriously uncomfortable. Never in my life have I had to worry about my bottom hanging out of my pants as I do when attempting to wrestle a toddler while pregnant. I'm most terrified when this happens in Target. Because where else does an embarrassing toddler melt down happen??
 I grow more annoyed. I tell her about why "we need to eat our food to grow" and "how it will soon be nap time and she will be hungry." 
She argues more, pulling away from me. Then just as swiftly as the obnoxious behavior began, it ends. She comes to me open arms and needing a hug. She puts her head on my shoulder just crying. 
All of this over lunch, really. 

We hugged for a long time. We rocked for a minute. I felt my tenseness subside. 
I get it. I can relate, Drew. Some days I feel so overwhelmed and stressed out and I know how it is reflected back to you and the people I love. I can be a real witch some days. That's how we get sometimes. I mean people. I think it's a tendency in some people, maybe all, I'm not sure. To hold things in, go about your day holding it in, whatever it is. Then someone says something and you're ready to rip them apart. I find when this happens to me, I end up crying to your daddy. I will fuss at him or argue over nothing and then cry. 
And your daddy will be all, "Who is the highly emotional animal I married??"
I'm kidding. He's always forgiving and willing to let me hug on him too. Maybe you should just curb your emotional, mama-like tendencies to him. He's good at it taking it all in and for what it is. Just yesterday I cried to your daddy about the whale of a girl I've turned into. About how I've become this big, awkwardly and slow moving, sloth of a lady. He looked at me like I had gone crazy and said, "You're pregnant and I still think you're pretty!" 

In all truth though, I am trying my very best to think about what Jesus would do. I need one of those bracelets, or maybe a tattoo, that would be way cooler. WWJD? Agh. He would be so much better at this than I am. Discipline and parenting issues aside, Jesus would love on me. He would meet me where I'm at and genuinely seek to understand where my heart was at. "What's bothering my girl today," He might say? And so Drew, some days, I try really hard and say the same to you. 

You still didn't eat your lunch. You did ask for orange slice gummies. I negotiated with you for a peanut butter banana instead. You're pretty great, even when a grumpy girl. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

things she says

 January was a long month. I spent a week away by myself in Virginia for a Master's class while Andy spent the same week in Florida for work.
 I enjoyed the quiet time, made some sweet friends, and learned a lot about education and my faith. It was, all in all, a great trip, but I wasn't happy to miss my little girl for so long.
 Mine and Andy's flight departed at the same time so he was able to get us there early and walk me to my gate. And watch me cry. I hate goodbyes. I never fly. I was scared of the entire experience. 
 Of course, it went so well and it was the same reminder I get ever so often from the Lord. Sometimes we are pushed out of our comfort zone and forced to rely on Him a little bit, or a lot more. 
 My flight arrived later than Andy's on the Friday we came home after being stuck in the Roanoke, VA airport for 6 hours. After the long week away, I was dying to be home. 
 Andy picked me up with Drew who was ever so happy to see her mama! Made me feel good.
 She is one fine mess these days. Obsessed with Princess Sofia and always asking for stickers.
 Drew usually sits with us for the beginning of the church service on Sundays until they send the children out. This past Sunday Andy had given her money for the offering. I asked her, "are you going to put your money in the offering plate?" She replied, "No, I give it to Jesus." 
 We got a good laugh out of that, but yes, Drew, you were right. That's who you were giving it to. 
 I put Drew's hair in a high pony on top of her head last week and told her to look in the mirror. She said, "I look like the Grinch!" I said, "Don't you mean Cindy Lou Who??" She said, "yea! Cindy Woo  Who!" So later in the evening after she had had a bath and was in her bed, she felt her head and made the observation that her ponytail was gone. She said, "Mommy, I no wook wike Cindy Woo Who anymore." Then proceeded to cry. 
 She says the funniest things. 
 She loves her cousin Abigail, and her best friends, Brittney and Emmy.
 And though I worried a lot that she would always like her daddy more than me, I feel certain we are in a tie now:) She likes to tell everyone, "No, mommy do it!" 
 I can't believe how close we are getting to adding another baby to this mix. I'm already wondering how my sanity will handle the change. It's so funny how clueless you are with your first. I am hoping my knowledge from the first go with an infant will carry me through with another!
 I have 6 friends who were pregnant as of a month ago. Five of them have had their babies- all in the month of January. Four of those babies were their second. Each birth was different and each newborn has been different. I'm already anticipating what this birth will be like and if this baby will have colic. Fingers crossed? 
 We will love her no matter what. And assign Drew night time duty if we must. Payback right? :) 
 We have decided on a name for the new girl and Drew already knows how to say it. You can ask her, what is your baby sister's name? She says, "baby sister." 
I will post about the name soon!

Monday, January 4, 2016

the cold is here

It's finally cold! I thought we might skip winter for a minute there. We took Drew to our camper at the lake for NYE and spent more time snuggling inside, watching movies, and playing with stickers than anything else. We love our camper on the lake and have had the best time since we bought it. Any chance we get a free weekend, we head to Wedowee. We had a great NYE with friends on our deck, watching the game, eating chili, and letting the kids dance to the strobe light, thanks to a festive friend. I never think of that kind of stuff, but Drew loved the strobe light. Strobe lights = instant party. 

We don't have cable at our camper, just a huge assortment of movies. We've debated getting it for the times we're down there, but I have found that endless movie marathons are fun and the lake is generally a step away from the chaos of normal life and that includes t.v. Of course football is exempt from that. The guys find a way to get football on. Luckily our camper neighbors (i.e. brother & sister in law) have satellite. 

We took the Christmas tree in Drew's room down the day after Christmas. Not in a hurry to get it out, but basically to de-clutter. She got a cute little vanity from Santa and I wanted to put it in her room. She likes to do her "make-up" and blow dry her hair. She's almost a total girl some days. So she saw Andy carry her tree out of the house. No big deal. No tears. We got to bedtime that night and I was about to walk out of her room when she stood up in her crib and said "where my Christmas(more like Christmuh) tree???" I explained we had taken it down and put her vanity in it's place. She began to full on cry, "I can't believe that! My Christmas tree gone! My tree gone! Why you take my tree?" Kind of broke my heart. 

Drew has been a vocal child for a while, but lately says things that totally surprise and tickle me, and often at night. Bedtime isn't always easy. Sometimes she fusses some and yells things from her bed to let you know she's not happy she had to go to bed. It doesn't last long and mostly she puts herself to sleep. Last night however, I left her room and shortly after she began yelling "Mommy never pats me! Mommy never pats my back!" Yowzas. Way to make a mommy feel bad. 

Drew Doodles,
I do pat your back. Most every night. I tickle your head and we sing songs. The mommy I want to be has a routine and can say "this is how I get my baby to sleep." The mommy I am says "Lord, we made it through the day, and can't you just go to sleep?" Yikes. Mommy needs more patience. I love you just the same though when you're deliriously sleepy and bouncing off your bed and when you fall asleep instantly before we get to the end of the book. My days are filled with Drew and this is just what I prayed for since the day you were born. I am so thankful I get to spend each day with you watching you grow and learning myself how to grow as a mother. You are endless fun and exhaustion all in one. Or maybe endless fun and pregnancy with your sister is the endless exhaustion. 
Anyway, you can continue to holler at me from your bed. It fully entertains us. 
your mama

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

the polar express

 We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Bryson City to ride the Polar Express.

 We took a long weekend and rented a cabin just me, Andy, and Drew.

  Drew knew this was a real vacation because she demanded lots of sweets and endless movie time.
We obliged. 
  It's hard not to.
 The train ride was adorable. They served hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. The waiters sang Christmas songs and songs from the movie played throughout the train cars. 
 The conductor came through and punched each child's ticket which was basically the highlight of the trip for Drew. She has the movie memorized.
 Santa handed Drew her very own bell and asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She told him she wanted a "ticket." (A ticket to ride the Polar Express- ha!)
 We had to wait in the cold to load our train car a good 45 minutes, which was difficult with a toddler, but worth it. Drew LOVED watching the train pull up with all of it's pretty lights. 
 The train ride took us through the "North Pole." We got to see where Santa lived and where his elves went to church. The train basically took you through some pretty goofy looking Christmas lights, but they were adorable and exciting for the kids.
 You can see Drew's excitement over her very own punched ticket. Drew, this is what you asked Santa for! 
 Not interested in the hot chocolate, but was thrilled to dance to the "hot chocolate" song.

 A sweet family beside us volunteered to take a family picture for us. Only picture of the three of us for the whole trip.
We had the best time! Of course, as always, there is nothing more joyful than watching this lady enjoy new things.
I tried really hard to learn how to use my camera for night time pictures in the train, but with the train movement and my movement, it was near impossible!
(21 weeks)
 I asked Andy to take a picture of me to remember that this was the time we were pregnant with Drew's sister. I feel bad that I've neglected to take those monthly pictures this go around. I'm just way more busy and tired!
Speaking of tired. Bedtime was easy peasy the entire trip. Out of town vacay and Christmas excitement knocked this girl out. Can't complain about that!