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Friday, September 5, 2008

Chaos has become a style of functionality since we bought the new house. There is always someone at the house with me and Andy, be it his parents, friends, or the termite guy. One of us is constantly running an errand to Home Depot or to get dinner.

Last night was probably a one time occurrence and probably the last before the house is done. It was just me and my husband. Andy spackled and I painted. Then, Andy realized spackling was not his forte and he painted too. We were there till ten, which would normally make me cranky and begging to go home for bed, but last night was not so. I watched as Andy painted the high spots on the side of the house that I could not reach and we had a much needed talk. It is not often enough that we can just talk and listen without distractions. I say that, but the heating and air guy called and got chatty in the middle of our convo. I was slightly irritated.

I think, we need time every once and a while to catch up in quite moments with no one else around. I was thankful for it last night.
Now begins the weekend! Come one Come all, we're celebrating Britt and Phil Saturday night!

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Anonymous said...

i love you so much pea!!!!