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Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear Andy,
The day you can correct me on a blog post will be the same day that I find a lifelong reason not to nag at you about your: "sock- missing" complaints, farting while at the dinner table, waiting till the last minute to tell me that you need clean pants for work, not answering my phone calls, calling me out in front of your parents, telling your mother I am mean to you, etc. etc.
You get it cowboy??

Loving you alll there is,
Your wife


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

my wife does not like for me to talk about her tooting or why she turns the sink on when she uses the bathroom. so i will not go into that. i love her so much and cannot see my life without her. everyday she always amazes me, with it being her blonde moment or something crazy to fuss at me about or the big one ALWAYS SHOWING ME DAILY HOW MUCH SHE LOVES ME!!!! that is my favorite one.

i love you so much pea

KBroome said...

oowee you're sweet. I won't delete that:) I lovee you too!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...y'all are cute! Miss you both!