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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Late Spotlight and an Apology to Brittney

Spoltlight on..

Pedigo! and.. Happy Birthday Pedigo!

You're finally21! Now you can sip those pina coladas all you want, till your hearts content!

Just kidding, friend. We here at KBroome love you dearly and hope you have a splendid birthday!

Sorry, Britt, Happy late birthday post!

Ode to Pedigoo

Pedigo, we always know
That for a Georgia game you'll show!
Grilling out is hard to beat with
with a Pedigo to sing..
"Apple bottom jeans boots with the fuuur"
That was really out of line..
but you always make it just on time
to "pick up" "workers" for our home
and distract them with jokes only you and them know....
This is getting way too deep
So get back to studying and bring the Georgia heat!
On.. Saturday...

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