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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Firebird. How does this car make you feel? When I was sixteen, it made me feel like a minnow in a school of big fish. At the time that I drove this car, I thought I would die each morning pulling into the parking lot at school. Surely, I thought, my peers must be joking about me for zooming along in a car that was older than we were. Who cared that it was a t-top convertible (technically) and had a newly installed cd player that my dad had put in. I didn't care either. My co- worker and I were talking about our first cars the other day and I just HAD to blog about it. I have come a long way from that Firebird and I don't mean that in the way you probably think.

Since the Firebird, there has been the 80's Acura that missed the "A" on the end and I was actually driving an "Acur." Then there was the Explorer which I was thrilled when my parents let me have it, even though it smelled of gasoline from where my dad tried to clean out the BLUE paint he had spilt in the very back. Andy told me not too long ago that he would always wonder why I sometimes had the slightest stench of gasoline when I drove over to Mill Pond to see him. Geez. I would have died had I known.

I reminisce for a good laugh(and yours too), but also because I can be thankful that my parents always had a car for me. They always provided for me the best they could. Now, I can afford my own and I relish in the car payment because its all mine. I work for what I have just as my parents did. Though sometimes embarrassed and selfishly un-thankful at the time, I can really, truly, deeply say now... I am thankful for those cars and a family that gave me the freedom to drive them. Here's to you red firebird, Acur, and explorer- I will hold you in my heart forever!

Now, you all can make jokes about the flag, "my collection", and the firebird!


Anonymous said...

what about the missing panel on the acur?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to use my maturity and not comment on any of the such, Kirbey....bahahaha. I did always enjoy the flag though:)