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Monday, September 8, 2008

This Post dedicated to Pedigo

Can you guess what this is? For anyone who can give me their best guess as to what is in this picture, you will win.... A home cooked meal by me! Oh yes, a fine sit down dinner with my best china and grown up conversation. The meal you say? Yes, it can be your choice! You like pasta or chicken, or maybe you would like some kind of casserole that reminds you of your mama's cookin? Take a guess, and Pedigo, though this post is dedicated to you, you may not guess. You either Andy!


Anonymous said...

I know I know I know..... A cut and even if i hadn't seen it in person all you have to do is scroll over the picture to see that you have titled it CUT. So when should my fiance and I be expecting dinner?

KBroome said...

Brittney! You little rat, I should have known! For that, I make you split pea soup! haha

Anonymous said...

"grown up conversation"... I wouldnt fall for that