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Monday, September 8, 2008

This storm makes me think of...

Andy and I got wind of bad storms coming through the Atlanta area right before we left Jamaica from the honeymoon. I was weary to fly into Atlanta, let alone drive home to Carrollton. As you know, I have serious storm anxiety. We had a delayed wait at the airport in Jamaica which I surmised was a result of the storm in Atlanta. The airport wait was not so dreadful, as I was with my sweet husband, and that in itself could make me smile for days.
When we finally took off and soon arrived in Atlanta, the weather was surprisingly fine. Andy and I pulled onto our street, got our bags in, and began unwrapping the wooden giraffes we bought while in Jamaica. The weather became tumultuous out of no where. His mama called to let us know that storms were on the way and Andy went outside to look at the sky.
It was in fact a tornado(he didn't see it- this is what the news said). Atlanta was pretty roughed up to document so. However, the only lovely part of this story is how I spent my first night home married. We layed blankets down in the hall, snuggled as tight as possible with Betsy at our feet and prayed for the storm to calm.
It was slightly romantic, clinging to my husband in a state of irrational fear.

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