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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today marks "Hump Day" and continuing tradition, we will spotlight a person of the week. This week, I would like to spotlight someone who asked to be. I want to spotlight them because they are a reader of this blog and a commenter too, and I like comments!


This is Katy, doing what I think she does best. Laughing, or making other people laugh. I have known Katy a few many years and she has been such a sweet friend. She loves the Lord with every little bit of her heart and her life is a reflection of that. She is the kind of person you could sit and chat over coffee with for hours. She does awesome "Heey Keenny" impressions that would have you in stitches. Katy or Katis, we here at KBroome love you!

If you or anyone remembers this. "Spot light oooonnnn meh! Or today, oooon Katty!"

Katy has a blog. It is marvelous.


Anonymous said...

ah- mazing!

you are too sweet my friend:)

I love you!

Anonymous said...

How funny, Kirb! Anna Catherine and I were laughing about "Spotlight Onnnn" today as we were looking through old SBP pictures (a few including you spotlighting someone!) and talking about the fun to be had in 149! Miss you so much and love you!

Anna Catherine said...

Hey Kirbs!!! I do love a "Spotlight..." Those were fun times! Miss you! Love you!!