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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Andy has been out of town the past two nights. What you say? Again? Yes, he's a travelin man, a business man, a lone ranger on the roads missing his little wife and Betsy at home. We've been ok me and Betsy, working by day and tending to the house at night.
Not really, ok, I loove to exaggerate.
Here is the truth.
Andy went on business and left me and my boohoo self at home. For reasons I won't specify, I did not want to stay at home alone these two nights, so my 16yr. old cousin stayed with me. Such a sweet cousin to sleep in a half furnished living room for two nights just so I won't worry. We were busy moving furniture, arranging lamps, and going in and out that in the bustle of it all we got locked out of the house.
And this is when I realized. I think maybe, I have a male counterpart.(ie.someone who would join/help me in getting locked out of the house or someone who is sometimes absent minded like me)
So after he found an un-locked window and climbed in(I could have thought of thaaat), we were once again safe and sound in the house.
THEN. I go and lock every window. Every window!(purple is a passionate color)
Night two. Kyle and I are moving and cleaning and yada yada around the house. (So nice and clean for the hubs when he gets home.) I walk outside to get something out of my car and Kyle follows right behind me. Right behind me! Shuts the door. and.we're.locked.out.again.
"Sweet Kyle" I say. "Now what?!"
No phone. No close neighbors. Dark. 11:00.
My intense fear of the dark road in front of our dark house and the dark pasture across the street stepped aside. I braved up and started walking down the driveway, down the street to find someone awake and with phone.
We have neighbors. Friendly mid- 30's guy with a friend that knows Andy. Who knew? We used their phone to get directions from Andy on how to get back in.
Would you like to know how we got in? That's not important ok? We learned our lesson. I will tell you that my plan to break a window pane (how clever!) was not an option for the hubs and Kyle.
My male counterpart went to bed with Betsy (because she can sleep on the couch) and I finished laundry and cleaning.
The end.
The end!

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Anonymous said...

this story is just kirbey in a nutshell and I love it