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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well friends. I fooled you. Yesterday's post was a hoax. A hoax! I knew Amy would be the only one to comment. She is just one dedicated reader ok?
Amy, the spotlights on you today.
I will honor you, friend, with a list.
You are the best Amy in the world because:
You love anything that has four legs. Well, even two. (Possums, puppies, ducks, etc.)
I would trust you with Betsy any day:)
You can eat all the Kroger Macaroni you want and never gain a pound.
You let me pick out clothes for you, its like dressing a Barbie!
You have a sweet heart. You love your friends and family more than anything.
You are indecisive and picky when you're supposed to be.
You are kind of like mine and Andy's child. Not really but we love it when you come over and make us laugh.
You are into exercising, its cool.

Please never move to the big A. It would be too sad!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awww I love this!!! this just made my day!!! I love you lil fest!!! bff