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Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm having my morning coffee out of a snowman mug. With a wal-mart heater at my feet under my desk, I am terrifically cozy.
However. This week was not so cozy. Andy has been out of town in the Carolina's since Tuesday. He MADE me promise not to let Betsy sleep in the bed with me, which is just not fair if he's going to leave me there all alone. So, I stuck to my promise and listened as Betsy paced around the bed, whining, knowing she would get in trouble if she got one the bed.
I don't like it when Andy leaves, but truth be told.. I am becoming less and less fearful and more trusting in the Lord when he is gone. I was really irritated when he told me that only two days after moving into the new house he was leaving. Are you really leaving me with all these boxes and an unfinished laundry room with tools everywhere? That's not cozy!
It was fine. Friends came to visit. I worked my little hiney off unpacking, cleaning, decorating, etc.etc. It was actually fun. I got a lot done. Andy, you will be proud. You can call me your little worker pea. Or, your little unboxer pea.

In other news.
How about the economy and this election? As addicted as I am to the news, I want to tape Diane Sawyers mouth shut and stuff a gourd in that MSNBC late night news woman's mouth. I think her name is Rachel Maddow. Could the media be more biased?
I will give you what a fellow friend/blogger has given to her readers. Its what the bible says and I will let that reign in my heart instead of getting in a frenzy over liberal news anchors.

For you and your weary heart

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