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Friday, October 24, 2008

My heart is so happy today and last night to hear that people actually read this darn thing. Andy was working on the washing machine last night when I hollered at him "Andy, come look!" He jumped up(Insert Andy thought: Maybe we finally caught a mouse!) and came to see what was wrong. To his dismay, no mice had been caught, but someone did say they loved my blog! Isn't that just as great! (You see living around farms/fields allows for nuisance of field mice. )
Where did I get distracted? Anyway! I told Andy, "Elizabeth said she likes my blog!Isn't that great?" To which he replied, "That's all? Oh you've got a big head now!"
He didn't really mean that.
Anyway, this broadens my horizon for "spotlights" now that I know who all is reading!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Kirbey, forgot to leave a message. I of course have kept up on a daily basis with the blog! I am using RSS feeds so that it alerts me when you post a new no worries...I get to read it every day! Sorry I never comment...I usually don't have much to say ;)

KBroome said...

Thanks Ben! You will have to show me what the RSS feed thing is for. Also, I need your help. My blog wont let me upload pictures for some reason. I don't know if I changed a setting or what. See you tonight! Me and andy are excited about decorating!

Anonymous said...

I want the thing where it alerts you! I love blogfest