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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Remember in Elementary School the days leading up to Halloween and Thanksgiving? Those days are now, but without a kid in the house to babble about costumes and remind everyday, we grown- ups ought to get in the spirit anyway. Mind you, I already have a bale of hay, friendly scare crow, and pumpkins outside. Wouldn't you like to be part of the spirit?

(Photo by Martha B.)

I remember when I was much younger, so young I can't recall the age, getting dressed as a clown on Halloween. My mom tried to apply mascara to my lashes (probably because I begged, begged, beeegged her to wear big girl make-up). I would blink and wiggle. But, alas I was a cute clown. My mom used to get me all fastened in her car and drive to my Grandma's neighborhood where we would visit Grandma, let her have a fit over my costume, then mama would walk me door to door. Even then she was worried about her only child getting snatched on Halloween. Then there was candy allotment. You could have one or two pieces after dinner, but surely there would be leftover candy for months.

I asked my mom- because I can't remember anything ever- about my previous Halloween costumes, and she said from year to year the common theme was...





Probably because, I was never Allowed to go as a witch, ghost, or anything of that sort..

But, this is enough of my reminiscing. How about yours. What are you re Halloween memories?

Is there anything festive you would like to do to get in the spirit if you're not already?

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Anonymous said...

My favorite Halloween memories.. being a fanta girl and the night the smurf jumped my car

I believe that "princess" costume.. but hippie my oh so conservative-fest? I actually would like to quote you on something hippie-ish related that includes you misinterpreting a type of drug for a female cleaning product but I won't, I'll just leave it at that hahaha I love you!