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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Upside of the Down

(Photo by: Ben Johnson)

Something that can put me in an impossibly better mood is a picture of pumpkins. Yes, its true. Be it a plethora of them on someones porch steps or pictures of a kid at a pumpkin patch. Even Martha Stewart Living's pumpkin filled pages. I've been looking at pumpkins this morning.

I hit a car on my way to work today. I was doing so good on time! I planned to run by Blockbuster and drop off some movies and still be early enough to enjoy my breakfast cereal before the office got loud. I like a quiet morning. This morning was not quiet. It was cold standing on the side of the road waiting for the Sheriff to get there and declare me absolutley ignorant. I hit a sheriff's son too(car, sorry not an actual human). Ha! It would be me. Isn't that what you, the reader, is thinking?
Well, the young man I hit was nice. Very polite given the situation. His car was not too bad off. A scratch and a dent to be fixed, but my car was pretty tore up. I left some pieces of my front bumper(I think that's what you call it) and left light on Maple Street. That's all.

That's the downside.
The upside is I didn't get a ticket, the young man I hit made it to class on time(he was worried about that), and I have insurance. Its hard to see an upside in these kinds of things, but there is one and the Lord did not leave me stranded. This is really all that matters.

Our heat is not working. What you may say? A couple readers may be thinking, "but, I helped build that house and that darn heat isn't working? That too can be fixed. The Lord provides us with jobs that pays for things like the heat being fixed and this dear friends is the upside.

One more....

Andy has been complaining of knee pain for months now. He just found out this morning that he has torn cartilage and will most likely have surgery. In addition to his knee, his shoulder may have to have surgery too, but we wont count our chickens before they hatch. This to me just seems like a big dang down. Andy is a mans man. He can do it all. He can fix anything. It makes me a little worried and sad that he has something he can't really fix. Well, not himself at least. The upside is, a doctor can. The upside is that he has health insurance so he can afford to have his body repaired.

For these things, the downs that shine light on the ups, I am thankful.

These too brightened my morning.. Ben took these pictures on the camping trip. Aren't they nice? And by nice I mean amazing!

My favorite:)

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Anonymous said...

what a depressing post.. a car wreck and knee surgery.. but I love yall a lot!!