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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yesterday was so busy, there was no time for a mid- week spotlight. Today there is.
Today we spotlight....


Jess, today, we spotlight you for many a reason.

First there is this picture. I wasn't there when it was taken, but it kind of sums up your sweet, but funny personality. You can look so pretty even making the silliest of faces.

Then there is your fashion sense. Somewhere deep down inside, I know that our kinship was really ignited when we discovered our love for dressing up.

And how about your friendship skillz? Is there such a thing? There has to be because you have them. You are always available to talk and always a shoulder to cry on.

If we lived closer together we could take lunch breaks and you could tell me all about your great finds at Fox's. We could plan parties to dress up for and be silly. We could reminisce on how you "rushed" me in the bathroom of the fraternity house my freshmen year of college.

That's all. I'll quit bragging on you. People might start wishing you were their friend too:)

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Anonymous said...

I love that I am on your blog! That makes me so happy!!