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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Amanda and Daniel said their vows yesterday, exchanged rings, and sealed the deal with a kiss. It was a beautiful day, a perfect fall day to get married. It was a sweet feeling seeing Amanda walk down the aisle. With her father on her arm, and teary eyed man at the front waiting for her. Makes me want to marry Andy again:) She was simply gorgeous and glowing like a bride should. I am so happy for them. They are a true representation of God's love and his plan for marriage.

The drive to Statesboro was long, and I got to missing the hubs... He had the car port clean and his "building" organized. I was proud and thankful for how hard he worked.

(The hubs with his flashlight on, getting wood for the his pajamas:)

(Fetching firewood is a family affair)

The leaves are gorgeous... notice the firewood next to Andy's building.. I think we have plenty!

A perfect day is watching Andy split wood, me finishing laundry, a visit from mama, dinner with the in-laws, and blogging by the fire.. it really is:)

Very tired pup!

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