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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Andy had his knee surgery today. He came through fine after they removed a cyst and repaired the cartilage in his knee. Don't you know he's sleepin like a baby? He is so sweet. Truly so sweet and needy today and it doesn't bother me one bit. I would wait on him hand and foot if he wanted me to. He doesn't though, hes so darn independent.
Last night Andy told me to pretend like I was reading a book. He said he wanted to "practice" what I would do if he needed me. Out of no where he whips out this loud(obnoxious) air horn. He said he would just blow it when he needed me. Heck no.
But. As I said, he's sweet and has not tooted his big dang horn at me today.
He has medicine with each meal and the ice packs on his leg have to be changed every hour. He can't really get dressed without some help or build the fire.
Its cool. I got that. Got that?
Anyway, this post is short because my little sugar needs tendin to. You get me?

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