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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means! (Jesus time, manger scenes,Egg-nog, mistletoe, reindeer toe socks, hot chocolate, lights,carolling, possibility of snow?) Yes, it means all of these things, but it also means...
Matching Christmas Pajamas!
Whoop whoop, you thought you had to have little munchkins runnin around the house to wear these huh?
Andy is fairly unresolved about the idea, but come on hubs, pictures in matching PJ's will give me something to blog about:)
So, I'll post some pictures once I find the perfect matching pair.
On to other things. I feel like I am full of false promises to you readers. An apple pie was supposed to be baked this weekend, but did not come to "fruit"ion.(clever!)It is important to me that if I say I will do something then I will follow through. So, alas, this weekend is "Friends Thanksgiving." An apple pie will be baked for the occasion and you can bet I'll post pictures and the recipe of course.
And.. what would a false promise be without a good excuse. Here it is. I was painting, slaving away on two pieces of furniture all weekend. Its true. Ask Andy. Also ask him what I told him to do Saturday morning while I worked away in his building.
Ok, ok, I'll just tell you. I told him to go on up to the house and watch the Georgia game. Sweet wife, yes? I only called him a couple of times to tell him I had moved the heater and it continued to cut off when I did so. He was happy to come turn it back on during the commercials.
So that's all. This is how marriage works. A little give, a little take right?
6 months and 15 days of being married and I think I know what its all about.


Anonymous said...

Kirbey, i love make me laugh everytime I read this. You guys have an AWESOME HOUSE btw!


Anonymous said...

see kirbs people do read!! can I wear matching pj's with yall?? I'm sad I can't come this weekend :(:(

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that you went to a yard sale saturday... I'm sad I wont be there this weekend too but i'll be a UGA for the Flag Football State Championship. Oh I'll send you a link to the perfect pj's for you and andy.

KBroome said...

Please send me a link to the perfect PJ's! I've looked everywhere:(