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Friday, November 21, 2008

Did you know

Hobby Lobby could quite possibly be THE place where a lowly homemaker's (like me) dreams come true. Why? Just look in the Sunday newspaper, that's why.
Every week, half the store if seriously 50% off! Its true, one week its pillows, candles, Christmas decor and the next week its puff paint, fabric, and clocks. You just never know. My favorite is to go in the store without looking at the Sunday paper and just discovering the sales with each aisle I pass. The bee bobbin Holy tunes are not so bad either. I love Jesus and I love some Hobby Lobby.
They should let me be the spokeswoman along with TJ Maxx too.
Are you still unsure of this venture into the craft/decor domain? Let me ease any scepticism. You do not have to sew, knit, paint, frame, or wear an apron to enjoy the pleasures of your local Hobby Lobby. Hey, you don't even have to have a hobby!
This is what I thought before I learned of the treasures one store could hold. Not anymore, I am a dedicated sale shopper.
I'll probably go next week against my better Christmas savings judgement. Holla atcha girl if you want to throw down on Hobby town! (Did you love that? Say it out loud OK?)


Anonymous said...

will you see joy there?

TSL said...

"I loves me some Hobby Lobby!"