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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do you like the new background? I tried so hard to wait till after Thanksgiving, but I couldn't keep my sights of the Christmas colors!
On another note.
Dear Pedigo,
Are you a reader anymore? Do you love the Broome's anymore? We hear you are not coming to Friends Thanksgiving. This makes us sad.
Check yes or no if we are still friends.

KBroome(and Andy, well I'm speaking for him:)


Anonymous said...

So who is the spot light person of the day?

Unknown said...

check yes or no, hahaha, too funny.. it reminds me of when i was a young lad in school passing notes behind the teachers back, check yes or no, LOL!! Yes i still love the Broomes and I still read your post, but cant get to it quite as much so this is why this responce is late.. I should be back around in a month or so, I'm grounded, hahahaha!!!

KBroome said...

Oh Pedigo, I hear you grounded yourself? Is that right? Well, I hope you are out of trouble in time for Christmas festivities!