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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I did make an apple pie. Here are the mixins to it, but it did not turn out like I hoped. Like we hoped actually. Right? Weren't YOU hoping it would bake up like good ole Martha's? It didn't. We're (you and me) are not talking about it.

Everyone cooked and chatted. It was a delightful time. Really.

We played "celebrities"- a game kind of like charades? It was delightfully fun too.

My hubs. Such a cutie.

Merry Christmas- Love, KBroome and Spode

Do you want to hug him? You can't. He's mine. All mine.

That baby is fierce.

My mama came for dinner along with my grandparents. It was great. A little family time before Thanksgiving. This is by far the very best time of the year.

Christmas card picture maybe?

Oh yea, this weekend I went from ten inch root blond to "dark caramel blond." It was a brilliant idea and by brilliant I mean I cried when I got home from seeing Lydia(my hair dresser). See, I'm a platinum blond deep down in my heart. Though my head is growing something darker. I just didn't want to give into to my "roots." Both of my parents started off blond and then grew into brunettes. This is absolutely not fair.
So, I went to see Lydia, who can make me walk out of her salon feeling like a movie star every time I see her. Let me credit her, it was not her fault that I was so distraught. Its just hard to be brunette when your blond at heart. Get it? That's enough.
Truth be told. I kind of like it. Don't tell anyone though.. I might change my mind come February.
Oh yes, and whats a weekend post without a mention of Jessica. She came and brought a yummy cheeseball. Really yum and fancy.
This weekend was nice to see so many friends and family and all I have left to say is.. I love YOU ALL. Yes, you.


Mallory Thigpen said...

I changed my hair to brown this time last year. I liked it at first, but like you said...its hard when you are blonde at heart. I think it looks really good on you though!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad yall had fun I'm sad I couldnt come.. but we'll have fun tonight! and I didnt know jess was coming for dinner!! I love you

Anonymous said...

i tagged you on my last blog post!