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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I have been absent for the past few days. House upkeep and Andy's gimp little knee required much care. Don't think it hasn't been fun. It has. I promise.
Tuesday and Wednesday Andy was in and out of napping while I learned how to build a fire. Andy decided he could travel to Columbus for Thanksgiving. After being couped up for two days he was ready to get out of the house. We had a good time and got a good little visit in with my Papa Billy. I wrote not too long about his sickness and how much we worry about him. He was in good spirits and glad to be out of the assisted living home. I went shopping Friday in ATL with Andy's mama and sister. It was a crowded shopping day, but there were sales to be seized and Maggiano's for lunch.(yum!)
I hate to bore you with my daily happenings, so on to a couple of nonsense tales for your delight.
Andy is going to love this.
I brought Andy home from the hospital Tuesday a little after lunch. He was out of it, asking me the same questions over and over again, and passing out in my car. I got him inside the house, all snug on the couch, with his knee propped up. I casually(You know like la-di-da) walked back outside to my car to get his meds and ice packs when I went to open the door back to the house and BAM! I was locked out. Totally locked out. Its cool right? I just have an injured husband inside who's passed out and needing crutches to move around and I locked myself out of the house.
Hmm. Debating, debating. What's a girl to do? Bust a window maybe? No, the last time I was locked out, he definitely warned against busting windows.
I know! I'll bang on the window till the sleeping husband hears and wakes up. Then I'll wait until he struggles from the couch to his crutches(not in reach)!
I was so embarrassed when he got to the door. I "helped" him back to the couch AGAIN, because he really needed my help right? I then proceed to watch him fall asleep again and pray pray pray that he would not remember this little incident.
What was I thinking?!
Do you think he forgot? I thought I was safe... until, he brought it up on Wednesday evening. He spoke of it as a distant, hazy memory. Sort of like: "Uh, did you get locked out yesterday? Did I get up and open the door?" Whatever. He's a strong man. A man's man as I always say about my hubs.

On to nutcrackers.

The hubs is a nutcracker collector. Its his thing, kind of. Well, it was his thing as a kid. Actually, it still is, but he has so many he doesn't really know where to put them.

His mama said "Come and get em." Whats a woman to do with so many nutcrackers in her home?
I know. Give em to me and the hubs!
Rest easy friends, the pictures do not do them justice, there are more. The hubs kept saying as I pulled them out of the box, "that's not all of them."
Oh Boy! There are more!

I know what you're thinking.
And no. Please don't bring your nuts over here for a crackin. They are for decoration only.
Timeless pieces ya know?


Anonymous said...

hahhahhah you love locking yourself out ... toxicfest

Anonymous said...

Andy used to collect Nutcrackers?!