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Thursday, November 13, 2008

This weekend will mark an attempt at making an apple pie. Maybe not. I will put on my chef hat when it comes to anything potato and cheese filled or homemade cinnamon rolls. (My first try at both were marvelous concoctions provided someone else's recipes and a little of my own flare... just a little)
You see friends, my kitchen aid mixer facilitates most of my cooking soirees.
Soirees huh? I bet I don't even know what that means and is it alright for me to use the word if I had to look it up on
Soiree by definition is "an evening party or reception" and most definitely does my cooking always give me the party feeling. I get giddy at the idea "throwing together" an apple pie for company or just to sit on the kitchen counter.
"Oh this apple pie? You love it? Well, I just threw it together, you know. I'm a woman of limited time."
....but then reality tickles my elbow and I remember that the hubs doesn't even like apple pie. He detest "cooked fruit" so he says. Pansy.
Nonetheless, I will try. I'll wink at the hubs and sing a little while baking because after all.. baking is like a party to me:)

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