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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who are you trying to please?

And does it make you happy?
Recently, I have found myself wondering.. exactly who am I trying to please?
In a recent chat with Phil, I learned that my blog was boring. Well, in his eyes. This really bothered me, and I didn't write yesterday. I knew Phil might expect something other than the apple pie recipe I had to offer. Who doesn't like apple PIE!
But, Phil, am I really trying to please you? Could it be possible to please all of my readers? I know I can find a good chuckle for you, Phil, if I tried hard enough.

Another thing, school. Its taking me forever to get through it. Why though and who is to blame? Me. Yes. Of course. I have begun my college career, switching from majors after "advisement" from many people who care about me. They do care, these people. They want me to be the best I can, but something tells me that only I can figure that out.

This list could go on and on about pleasing people. If you thought about it, I bet you could count at the minimum 5 people you are trying to please at this moment in your life.Maybe not. Maybe you are a super, self- confidant person with no one to please but yourself. Good for you.

But. Pleasing people is sometimes important. Maybe, pleasing is not even the right word. Instead of "pleasing" you could insert-making proud, giving another confidance in you. This is because, its important that your friends, family, etc. can trust you and have confidence in your decisions. This being because we all need supporters and patters on the back. Yes? Do you agree?

Maybe not to the super, self- confidant. The most important thing, though, is that you are "pleased" with your own decisions and you take time to make your friends and family understand. I'm not always so good at this and maybe this is what brought the topic to mind to begin with.
Phil. Next post is an apple pie recipe dedicated just to you:)


Anonymous said...

Kirbey, I do enjoy your blog! It is refreshing sometimes to read up on a little humor or the latest small town gossip. I didn't mean to be critical of your literary expertise. I enjoy the humor and the good hearted thoughts you have. Some people may like the recipe of the day or news of a great sale at Belks. My point is that you can't please everyone so don't try. Write what's important to you and if people want to read it they can. You have a gift for making people stop and think about things they normally woudn't think about. Write about what's important to you. That is what got us hooked in the first place. The definition of blog is: a personal chronological log of thoughts, that often reflect the personallity of the author. I think you do a fine job of that.

KBroome said...

Phil, this is why you were the first spotlight on Kbroome!
You are just great!