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Thursday, December 11, 2008

the fight worth fighting

Marriage, an institution of bliss where the assurance of lifelong benevolence is as sweet as the cinnamon rolls made on a late Saturday morning. However, sometimes, the cinnamon rolls don't bake up like they are supposed to(and who's fault is that?) and the icing slides off the side as easily as words slide out of mouths and breakfast is ruined and so is a day with the one you love. In marriage this is.
Would you believe of all of the mushy oatmeal post I write about hubs, that we have been in a bickertment this week?(Ah, a pun maybe? Either way, a delightful play on bickering and predicament)Its true and a little bit sad this predicament of bickering(I love these words) that has filled our not so toasty home. Andy didn't even start a fire last night and aside from the fact that it was fairly warm outside given the weather, I still felt that a cozy fire didn't fit the angst in our home. I shouldn't say that we have been fussing 24/7. That would not be true. Actually, just last night, Andy coached me on abb workouts and we had a fiesta dinner of taco soup. The thing is, I always derive a general feeling from week to week about how "super" or "awesome! oh yeah!" the week has been. Last week was a "wa-hoo!" compared to this week's "oh doldrums:("
The things that we've fussed about have been of little importance in the whole scheme of things. And isn't that what everyone says? "In the whole scheme of things, so and so doesn't matter, or it won't matter next week, etc. etc." You can plug in your own little feeling. If this is true then why, why would we married people let it get to us? (I'll speak for the whole, all of us "married people" because I like to feel like everyone else has the same problems right?) So after a fuss last night, I got in bed and cried. I whimpered a little too ok? Like a sigh here, a hick-up there. Alright, ok I'm over exaggerating .. but I was having an emotional overflow of feelings. So, I called on my previous years in the Psychology field (major, not profession) and tried to determine what exactly it was that made me so dern sad. I came to find that it wasn't Andy's actions or anything that had really ticked me off this week. In fact I was not really mad at Andy at all. I was just tired of the fussing. Tired of the discontinuity between us. We're supposed to be a team, but we looked more like two Tina's(or rag dolls) being knocked into each other. Actually, to be completely honest.. I wouldn't have minded snuggling up with Tina(rag doll from childhood) last night. I'm sure that most of you readers who know me know that this is true.
So, even though this morning had a frustrating start, I am confidant that things will be better tonight. Ok, hubs? Tonight will be better. You can play Annie Lenox as loud as you like while we clean and even if its warm outside we will still have a fire just to prove that nothing stops us Broome's from being ultimately snuggly.

I didn't even tell you people what we fussed about. I know that's what you wanted to hear, but shame on you! Don't you know the moral of the story is what counts? You count on that, the moral is somewhere up there ^.

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Anonymous said...

haha tina.. remember when mirs dressed up as her? I can't wait to see yalls outfits on sat! love youu