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Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Readers.
I wish that I had a picture to compliment the festivities of the past weekend, but I don't. We had family over for an early Christmas get together. My mom's side of the family came and we had dinner and exchanged gifts. We had the pleasure of my GREAT, great grandmothers company. She will be 90 in 3 months. She is still going strong in mind and body. However, she showed her age when kind of forgetting exactly who Andy was and kind of sort of hit on him. Its true and its serious, but can I be jealous of my great, great grandmother? She is pretty darn sassy.
This is how it went.
GG(Great Grandma) "Oh are you one of those Lovelady boys?"
Hubs "Yes mam, My granddaddy is your age"
GG "Oh, well, my you are handsome! I knew you had to be a Lovelady boy being as good-lookin as you are"
Hubs "Well, thank you..."
GG "Well have you ever seen my house?"
Hubs " Yes mam, I have seen the outside of it"
GG "Well, you'll have to come see the inside..." (Really! What does that mean??)
Hubs "Maybe Kirbey will have to bring me by there some time"
GG " Well, you know I need a ride home tonight..."

and one more clip of their dialogue..

GG "Did you know I had two sons?"
Hubs "Yes mam I did"
GG "Did you know they were nine years apart?"
Hubs "No mam, I sure didn't know that"
GG "Well, people say I must have been busy, but I don't think I was busy enough!"

Thats all I've got for you today.
Have a LOVELY Christmas!


Diving Into Love said...

Grandparents say the funniest things! :)

Unknown said...

HAHAHA!! That is great stuff!!