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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The past week has been wonderful. So wonderful that I have to highlight the best parts of it. Some highlights have pictures, others have none. Nevertheless, its always good to document a great week.
Tuesday- Russ, Andy, and I went to get a Christmas tree. Andy could not actually chop it down because of his knee, so Russ volunteered to do it for him. Russ is like family, ya know, and we were thankful as can be.

These two are giddy to be having fun during a work week.. just like little boys when they get together...

Tuesday night was Christmas movie night at Ben's. If you read his blog, you would know about it too. Speaking of Ben, have you checked out his web page lately? It's looking amazing!

This is Ben's house on movie night, not relevant, but I was happy to see his Christmas decor outside!
Tuesday night, movie night, we watched The Polar Express. I loved the book when I was little and I adore the movie now.

There was a lot of this going on all week, of course.

Wake up, eat, work, snuggle, sleep, snuggle start over...

Wednesday night we had dinner at my mama's then decorated the Christmas tree. It needs a little sprucing up, but its our first tree and I love it.

Our mantel, hard to see, but very festive. Andy put the garland on it:)

First picture in front of our first Christmas tree.
Friday Greg and Eli met with everyone and we got to congratulate them and see her bling.
Saturday Andy and I got up at 6:45 and were at my race ten minutes before it started. I finished in the middle. It had many more hills than I anticipated, but it was fun and my first! Andy and Betsy were at the end waiting for me. Andy had kissed my head Saturday morning and said "today is going to be a good day." That it was. After the run, we came home and napped for a couple hours. We were both so tired. That night we went to watch the SEC championship game at Russ and Adrianne's. We rented movies after that and slept in front of the fire. Sleeping in front of the fire is positively my favorite part of the weekends.
Sunday, had dinner with the in- laws. Salmon patties and homemade biscuits... my favorite meal that Andy's mama makes. We also carried home their treadmill so that Andy doesn't have to follow me in his truck anymore at night. I'll have to tell you the story that lead to that. (I'll save it for tomorrow!)
KBroome is tired and eager to start a new book. Goodnight all.


Anonymous said...

your legs look amazing in that pic.. (I know you'll appreciate that)

KBroome said...

Oh Amy! Lets be BFF foreverrrr