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Monday, December 15, 2008

So many things happened this weekend, but the only event I feel like chatting about is a trip to Blockbuster Friday night. You know me and hubs love Blockbuster because it always means the beginning of the weekend and the start to total relaxing and coziness. To Blockbuster we went with returnable movies in tow from the last weekend and ideas of what else to rent. We picked out three and headed to the check out.
Andy always ask once we get in line, "Don't you want to get some ice cream or candy or popcorn?" Of course I oblige, but I usually ask to go somewhere else.. say Dairy Queen? (Little porker, won't an ice cream sandwich do??!)
This time was no different but I had my sights set on Pop Rocks. Ah, yes. Pop. Rocks. I toss them on the counter and Andy tells the woman behind the counter "She loves pop rocks. She likes to pour a bag in her mouth and fill it up with sprite." Nice hubs. Nice arse. The woman giggles and informs he that this too is a favorite past time of hers also. Sweet, a beginning of a friendship with Blockbuster woman based on lies.
She then asked if we would like to buy some popcorn from which the proceeds go to help a charity. Andy tells her "no," that we can't pop popcorn because "she'll(his wife) throw it around the house."
And this is where the similarities end between me and blockbuster woman. She was silent.
We giggled.
Betsy loves pop rocks now.


Anonymous said...

hahahha I love this story

Anonymous said...

This is too funny!!!!! Betsy loves it when her mommy throws pop corn around the house...

Mallory Thigpen said...

love it!