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Friday, December 5, 2008

Who invented the Christmas Coke and why (why!why!) are they ONLY sold in Wal-mart? Why can't I pick one up at my local Wal-greens or Publix? A bunch of humbug I'll tell you. Doesn't Wal-mart want to make some dough in this holiday season?
Well friends, I have 6 Christmas cokes sitting on my kitchen counter. They sure are a hot commodity so please do not come knocking at my door for one.
Actually, its the season for giving so if you really get a hankering for one, come over and you can have a sip of mine.

Tomorrow morning is my race. I have switched to a 5K in D-ville because with Andy's knee, traveling too far may prove to be a real pain. (A pun my friends, a pun.) This run includes a craft fair, Christmas karaoke, and a visit with Santa. (Guess we know what the hubs will be doing while I'm running... hohoho!)

Happy Friday friends.

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