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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Braving the Storm

Remember all of those times I blogged about my intense fear of storms?
Well friends, yesterday was a hall mark. Sort of.
The wind was a pounding on the windows all day at the office yesterday and I had the clever plan to run when I got home. I convinced myself that the wind would be no match for me. It was just the right temperature and the wind if anything would keep me cool.
So, I hurried home from work to start my run before it got dark. Up our road I went happy as a lark. I kept thinking to myself, that this would be a good day for a tornado with the warm temperature, swift clouds, and wind. I reached the destination in my run where I turn around and come home. Running downhill, the wind was against me and my hat kept flying of my head. I could barely hear anything but the wind roaring in my ears. I was somewhat irritated, somewhat empowered. "Oh wind, ye cannot blow me down or carry me off where art though wish!"
I was almost home, almost, about an eighth of a mile left when I saw my Romeo. Slowing down in his white truck, I wondered why he was coming to find me. It was still plenty light enough outside. He rolled down his window and said "Get in my little butterfly for a storms a comin!" Ok, it was more like, " There's a tornado watch, so you might want to get in."
That I did.
But. Here's the pivotal point of this story.
I wasn't really scared. I was cool about it you know? Tornado watch? Big deal yo.
Now, I can't say that once home and the wind was shaking the roof and hollerin at our door that I wasn't a tid bit frightened. I was. However, my fear of storms is dwindling.
Aren't you proud?

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Anonymous said...

haha I love this story!