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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did I tell you guys what I received in the mail the other day?
I didn't.
Let me tell you.
After a run(my toe was never broken, just "jammed" says Andy) I checked the mail. I found a brown package tucked neatly in our mailbox. Addressed to me, I was very curious as to what it could be. I had not ordered anything and I don't have friends that would send me a gift rather than just bringing it over.
I opened it to find a converse shoe box taped shut.
A bomb in a shoebox? Who would want to bomb me? Oh heck, I'll take my chances. I ripped it open.
There in the shoe box laid a crafted yellow star medal thingy. Hmm. Upon further investigation, I found that it was an award.
I won an award?!
Yes. This is a true story.
Remember forever ago I ran in that 5K in Douglasville? "Run to the star" is what they called it. Well, after the race, Andy and I left to get breakfast. We never returned so I never got my ... dumdumdumdum(sounds like trumpets) 2nd place award!
Now the award was given to me as 2nd place in my age group. 20-29 year old age group. How many people were in that age group? Who knows and who cares. I don't care if there were 3.. which there probably were:)


Diving Into Love said...

Congrats! I love surprises like that! Who cares who or how got 2nd place! :)

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHA dumdumdumdum, great stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of my little runner but I wish we lived together so I would run with you.... Dinner???????????