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Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm blond again. I just couldn't take it anymore. It helped too that Andy nearly pushed me out the door with his card to see Lydia Saturday. He likes his blond too.
This mess of hair got a makeover and in perfect timing. I leave for Los Angeles Friday. I could not possibly be more excited. I am going to visit my best friend from High School, Caroline.
We are grown- ups now and flying out there all by my lonesome is giving me slight anxiety. Mainly, the flight. I have flown many places in my lifetime but never by myself. My legs get stiff when I think about it. It doesn't help too, that my favorite blogger(see below post) was in a plane crash and will be blogging for the first time since August on Friday. Actually, maybe it will help.
Caroline has instructed me to listen to my I-pod(which I do not have one- Gasp!) and read my bible. I think I will opt for the Bible and a small glass of wine. Small. Just to calm the nerves.
She also told me to make a list of things I wanted to do and see. Aside from packing appropriate clothes for whatever we do, I have only thought about spending time with her. I have missed this friend for a good while now.
I will miss my hubs too. He is so dern sweet for sending me off for the weekend. He gets a fun time too though. Don't start feeling sorry for him. He is playing paintball with his macho friends all weekend at the lake. He got his new paintball gun and has been shooting at things every night since it came on Thursday.
Little stinker.
There are orange splats across the street and in the back yard. I have even found his little camouflage balls filled with orange on my runs around the neighborhood.
Speaking of running. While I have not signed up for another race yet, I have increased my mileage. I ran seven miles Friday after work. My legs were oh-so-tired when I got home, but it was well worth it. Running is the one thing in my adult life where I can really push myself to the limit. I don't know what the limit is, but I am getting there, I can feel it.
That and snuggling. I can push myself to snuggle the hubs ALL day long. Until he says, your nose under mine makes it hard to breath, or I can't move Kirbey, or your hair is all in my face etc. etc. Too much snuggliness breeds claustrophobia..
So. Anyway. Your welcome for the brief on my life.
I have a marvelous post for tomorrow so check back.
I love you all.

(I got this for LA. The purple shirt and black skirt. Do you think LC would approve? I fell asleep last night imagining a conversation with her about skinny jeans and ballet flats. In my almost dream I wrote my blog address on a napkin and sneakily passed it to her. She was obliged. You know, famous people need blogs to read on their blackberry with jet setting and all..)


Anonymous said...

can I borrow that before you wear it?? nevermind, I won't fit into it you skinny runner!!

Unknown said...

your hubs is gonna come home with orange splats all across his face, ha ha ha

Diving Into Love said...

So, I'm a little green about the new outfit! SO cute and SO L.A.! Have fun!