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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last night as we were getting all snuggled in to bed, Andy asked me to tickle his back. Without thinking, it flew out of my mouth, "I always tickle your back. When do you ever mine? And, I always tickle yours longer and you only do it for like a second." So he said, "Nuh uh that's not true, never mind don't worry about it." To which I replied, "Whatever, roll over and I'll tickle your back." Well then he wouldn't roll over, being stubborn and all. We then got to talking and laughing and he finally flipped over and said, "OK, now you can tickle my back." I replied with an eye roll and muttering, but I did tickle his back.
And. This made me think.
If he were not here, who's back would I tickle? If something were to happen to this annoying, adorable husband of mine, how lonesome would I be not to have his freckled back to tickle?
When Andy and I met with my cousin Scott for marriage counseling, he told us (and I will paraphrase what I remember) "Don't get so bugged about the little things. There will be things the other does that drives you crazy, but when they're gone, you will most definitely miss it."
I think this is so true. Maybe I shouldn't go about life thinking this way, but it always makes me feel better. The best way I can sum it up is this: If something were to happen to me, Andy would surely miss my insistent snuggling almost every week night. He would truly wish he was squished on the couch while watching TV. He would never look at the other sofa and wonder why couldn't I just sit elsewhere. Likewise, I would miss his "tickle my back" pleas and cleaning up after his messes in the kitchen. I might even miss his snoring.

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