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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Los Angeles.
I am not the best summarizer. See, is that even the right word? Just the idea of summarizing is pressure. I am a free flowin thinker. Most of what I write spills out. I have begun to summarize my trip for two days now and have failed. So. Whether this sounds good or not, I am going to tell you all about it.
Caroline picked me up from the airport in true Caroline fashion. I found her jumping up and down and slinging her body everywhere with excitement. People must have thought I was a movie star. We got on the 101 or 405, not sure the highways name, and headed to her home. I changed into a dress(because it was warm!)and headed to Starbucks to get a free Americano(a healthy coffee drink) from Caroline's friend Phillip.

Skipping on.
Caroline gave me a tour of "The Hills" which is not actually where the girls from the t.v. show live. What?! I know, I know. I was disappointed too.

Friday night we had dinner at Caroline's favorite, Aroma Cafe. They had wonderful panini's and an assortment of fresh pies. We then met up with some of her actress friends at Bella. Following we went to Geisha House(Where a scene from Knocked Up was filmed?)

(Geisha House)

Bella. Geisha house. Just typing the names makes me feel cool.
Moving on.
Saturday, after sleeping in, we left the house around noon. Saturday was filled with Baja Fresh burritos, the Sprint store(my phone broke), Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, a far away vision of the Hollywood sign, Milkshakes from Mel's Diner, the Walk of Fame, Gramans Theatre, Johnny Dep look- a-like(Caroline's new crush), j-walking, a disappointing trip to "Out of the Closet," Caroline's scene practice, and more sleep...


The Hollywood sign is somewhere in this picture..

J-walking. Kind of scary in LA. People do not slow down, but street lights and cross walks are like milessssss apart.
Back to Johnny Dep. People dress up as characters in front of the walk of fame soliciting themselves for pictures to earn a buck or two. Caroline was perturbed by this one character(Johnny Dep) and insisted on asking him why he was texting on his phone and not taking pictures. Because he didn't feel like it, so he said. But. He did feel like chatting it up with Caroline. And. Smooching her hand. I have a picture for evidence.

Moving on.
Sunday. Caroline had to work in Malibu. Oooh, doesn't that sound cool? I was left to my own with her car and a bag full of magazines and a beach towel. What to do?
I began to feel a little sorry for myself. I was lonely and scared of the mountain like roads and traffic. I pulled myself up(by the bootstraps, duh) and walked to the beach. Only to find my cell phone didn't have service and I began to create "missing Kirbey" stories and decided to do something else.
I ended up getting lunch, taking it to a more populated, cell phone serviced part of the beach. I proceeded to nap, read, and enjoy a warm beach on a January day. Following,I jabbed my toe on a rock(and it still hurts) and saw the movie Doubt. A movie in Malibu is $15 and before it starts you watch Botox commercials.
I picked Caroline up for work and we fixed noodles and parmesan cheese and headed to her church. Mosaic. Her church service on Sunday nights is held in a downtown Hollywood theatre. The service was great. I wish we had a Mosaic here.
We finished up the night at Aroma where Caroline had blueberry pie, Phillip had carrot cake, and I had gelato from down the block. Caroline and Phillip got into a chat with a producer(just typing that makes me feel cool) who Caroline had auditioned in front of the week before. The producer spoke of names like J. Timberlake and such. Hmm. Very cool.
And so, that is all.
Aside from all the places we saw and things we did, the best part was catching up with sweet Caroline. We talked about the past and our present. Discussed things dear to our hearts. We never see each other, but our years of growing up together and all the time/tears/family/friends/general life we've shared are really the foundation of who we are today.
Oh, and Caroline. I know you hate all of the grammatical errors in this post. Don't cringe ok? I just don't have time to be grammatically correct.

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Unknown said...

I'm jealous you got to hang out with Ms. LA and I didn't!!