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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The New Food Lion

Oh my friends! The new Food Lion opened yesterday. I think its the best grocery store this town has seen. You can always count on Publix to be clean and carrying a variety of brands, but the new Food Lion has brought a whole new picture of what a grocery store should be.
My top two reasons for shopping there:
1. Lydia (everyone's favorite hairstylist) shops there with her husband.
2. They have simulated hard wood floors from the bakery back to the meat department.

Also, the actually look of the store is like a country market. It is so fresh and inviting.
I asked Andy on a date there tonight. You know, we might share an apple fritter or two.

1 comment:

aimes257 said...

hahha I love the Lydia shout out! I still haven't seen your blond, are we still friends?