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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our washing machine broke last night. Isn't that just the pits? Combine that with a broken car and its double pits. I would say that I am waiting on a third something to break, but I have had a new phone three times in a weeks span this past week, so I'll let that count. Oh, but I almost forgot, Andy had a car accident on the way to work Tuesday.
Do you know what?
We're all ok.
Last night I was being emotional and I told Andy he was insensitive to my tears. His reaction to me crying is always frustration or laughing. So, he said "Do you want me to cry with you? Ok. I'll cry with you. Boohoo I can't wash my clothes because my washers broken and I guess we will just be known as the stinky family. Oh boo hoo, my cars broken and people are going to think were rednecks with the hood open under the car port and tools everywhere."
So I laughed and he didn't ever really cry.
Which in all of this proves that Andy does not take my tears seriously.
Really though, I am thankful for a second car, friends and family who will lend a washer, Andy's safe driving, a job, Andy's job, our house, our friends, our family.. I really can't complain.
One day till Friday. Happy Thursday Friends!


Unknown said...

hahaha the two of you are hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

you can borrow my old green honda.. the pliers used to turn the air on and off are not included quit asking so much of me