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Friday, January 23, 2009

When I was born, my father's father had already passed away. He passed a year after my mom and dad got married. I never knew him, just heard stories about him.
My grandmother re-married when I was eight years old. She re- married to a lovely man whom we grandchildren referred to as Papa Billy.
Papa Billy, the only person who could poke serious fun at grandma and get away with it. Through their early marriage, they traveled all over the place together. They visited different countries, tended to their amazing backyard garden, and enjoyed daily meals together, always on pretty china and a set table.
Papa Billy, taxied us grandchildren around, picking some up from school, taking some to practice's of whatever kind, and watching us play at the country club pool. Papa Billy, a faithful attendant of St. Luke, and you could always find him on the left end of a middle row at church. If the rest of the family was not there, or you didn't see someone you knew, Papa Billy always offered up conversation. Always one to put people at ease, Papa Billy was a peacemaker. He did not enjoy controversy or argument. He loved with all of his heart and in all of his ways this was evident.
Papa Billy had been sick quite some time now. He passed away last night.
I was thinking as I got ready this morning, before I had heard that he was already gone, my main prayer was that the Lord would would just wrap Billy in all the love He possibly could. I am confidant now, that is exactly what He was already doing.
We will miss him dearly.


aimes257 said...

love you Kirbs! I'll be prayin for you and your family :)

Diving Into Love said...

I'm so sorry Kirbey. I"ll be praying for you and your family. Love you!