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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I normally don't get excited about Valentines Day. Actually, I'm not really now, Andy and I can be sugary sweet and roooomantic any day of the week. But, I have a small handful of V-day memories.
I'll share one then you. OK? You share your V-day memory in the comments section. I don't care if you don't think you have one that spectacular. Your recollection is my delight.
My dad has always been a thrift shop kind of man. Goodwill calls his name many mornings beckoning him to come see what good stuff they've got in. I have an eye for "vintage" Lacoste or pleather clutches when going to Goodwill, but it doesn't extend too much further than that. If you were to say to my dad "I need some new jeans" or "I am looking for this certain item" he would say "well, c'mon lets go down to Goodwill, we can make a Saturday out of it!"
(This is still a V-day story)
So. This one certain V-day when I was a freshman in high school, there was a pink skirt and top get up at the mall that I JUST had to have. Dad and I were already at the mall for some reason, when we stumbled into Dillards. I showed the outfit to my dad, King of Thrift World, Defender of all things Slightly Worn and Gently Used. And do you know what? He told me to try it on. I did, and he said "pretty." That was the day my dad bought me a pink outfit for Valentines Day at the mall.
I will always remember it.


Anonymous said...

well lets see, there was the one v-day that my "boyfriend" took me to a club.. no, not a bar, a club with his friend.. then there was another v-day that my "boyfriend" got me nothing, while I had made/bought him a lot of stuff.. cool Kirbs thanks for making me bring up bad memories

KBroome said...

OH NO!!! Not my intentions!