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Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Year, no wait, the year before. Right after we got engaged.. I planned mine and Andy's Valentines day celebration.
It was quite the perfect scenario.
Actually, it was freezing. We freezed our bunyons off, but lets talk about how GREAT it was. Let me tell you about how Valentines Day 07 shaped me into the domesticated woman I am today.
I got the Brilliant idea to fry my own chicken. I saw it in a magazine, probably Martha Stewart. Or maybe I found it online, anyway..
I practiced a couple pieces and decided it passed the test. My room mates thought it was a cute idea and helped me plan our meal.
I filled a picnic basket with fried chicken, crescent rolls, and some other stuff. Can't really remember.
I bought lanterns from Wal-Mart and placed red sticky hearts all over them. Lanterns + red hearts= the recipe for love.
I had Brittney drop me off at a place in the country where Andy and I had looked at a piece of land which was thought to possibly hold a dream home for us one day. It wasn't a realistic dream, but it was a for thought into our future of the place we wanted to live and the house we wanted to have.
I told Andy to meet me there.
It was probably 30 degrees. Probably. Stinking cold is all I knew.
I had a pink heart table cloth on the ground with my lanterns.
And. I waited for Mr. Wonderful himself to get there.

It was yummy and cold.
But, he was surprised and gushy.
I love you Mr. Broome.

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