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Thursday, February 5, 2009

No. I have not had writers block. I've just been so dang busy with life. Work, study, and Betsy have occupied my every waking minute. That and heath bar ice cream. Oh, and butt muscle exercises on But really. I have been busy.
Andy has been out of town the past two days. He heads home today though and whoo am I thankful for that. I hate bearing the loud wind against the windows all by myself. Not to mention it has been FREEZING and Betsy has become somewhat of an independent snuggler. Didn't I teach her anything?

Andy keeps asking me when I am going to blog about the good stuff that came out of the last week. Remember the week where my car broke, he had an accident, and the washer broke too? Remember??

Well. We ordered the parts to fix my car and they were going to be REALLY expensive, but Andy and Russ found em on sale. Whoop whoop!
We also bought our first new washer and dryer set. Front load I'll tell you. I would put a picture up, but remember how busy I have been? Anyway, the washing machine has buttons that make noise and its as quiet as a (insert analogy).
We were so excited and thankful that we cleaned the house and Andy went to chop wood.
Other than that, nothing else has really happened.
Disappointing I know, but maybe next week will be more exciting.

Wait! I almost forgot. I wanted to blog about something the other day.
Did you know that when you get married, your spouse brings things into your life, that you would possibly never think of owning?
Andy brought a mop bucket.
A professional one mind you.
The BIG YELLOW kind that you see in Elementary School hallways or in mall food courts. That's right.

Bam, in your face, a yellow mop bucket.
Don't ask me why, ask him.


Anonymous said...

haha the yellow bucket reminds me of late nights of mopping at south street after trivia as Joel tries to figure out why the numbers don't add up on the register.. man I miss that place

KBroome said...

I love how your comments always relate to random memories.

Unknown said...

HAHAHA get to work, bam in your face, hahaha