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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not 25 things, just 5
5 Things about K. Broome
1. I like to plan things to be excited for. Even if its dinner. Today I asked Andy, "What do you want for dinner?"(as I do EVERY night) and he said sarcastically "I don't know, what do you want for breakfast and lunch."
He cannot steal my joy. I am still excited now just thinking about dinner with my hubs.
2. I just ate half of a cupcake.
3. I'm saving the other half for about five minutes from now..
4. My heart flips over a good deal, be it clothes, grapes on sale, or hot fries. (Hot fries are always 99 cents-duh)
5. The Lord made me a hungry woman.(err, see above.)


Anonymous said...

whats for dinner tomorrow night??

Unknown said...

Andy I want some eggs, bacon and that hot sausage, and as for lunch some of that Broome chili will be fine. Thanks Buddy!!