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Sunday, February 8, 2009

You all know I am into snuggling. Its what the Broome family does. Its our thing. Don't be jealous though, you can do it too. All you need are a few simple guidelines.
Well, not really guidelines, more like how- to's.
Ok, here goes.
Well, wait. Grab yourself a cup-o-coffee(because doesn't that sound so snuggly??) and weezle your hiney in the back of your chair.

Never let stress in life stop you from daily snuggling. Even if you have to ignore the laundry. Just snoogle on top of it.

Take family smooch breaks while snuggling.

Don't take it too seriously. Enjoy it. Jump of the fireplace in your pj's if you need to.

Stop. Drop. Snuggle.

A fire is a sure-fire (haha) way to evoke a snoooogly mood.

Snuggle with your mama. Snuggle with messy hair. Snuggle on your back with your feet in the air.

Just do it.

Whatever it takes.

Wherever you are.

Even if you're wearing a mullet.

With your beft friend. Even outside.

Try not to smush your fellow snugglers face.

Or suffocate. Leave room to breath when enjoying all of this snuggliness!

Its about you, snoogling that is. Its just for you. You can do it all by yourself or with the one you love. Or with your dog. That's my favorite.
Even if your alone. Snoogle a pillow or a wad of blanket.
My Sunday advice, for you.
Love, KBroome

Oh, and P.S.
Snuggle can be exchanged for "snoogle" given the mood your in. Got it?

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Cassie G. said...

What fun memories! Love and MISS YOU (and Betsy)!