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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I never thought I would be a gardening woman. It was never THAT appealing to me, but this weekend I really enjoyed it. I guess it would be natural to enjoy it like eating an apple or learning to do something with your hands. Its like Gods gift, His earth. He gives it to us and tell us to make something of it.
So, we worked in the yard all weekend. I have flowers, lots of them! They are pretty and they smell good too. I want them to grow so I can dig them up and put them in jars all over the house.
Not much more to say, but pictures to explain.

My table, I love the birdie napkin holders.

Clean kitchen, finally.


Ben said...

Looking good! Hopefully the Broome and Johnson residences will have nice green grass this year.

Unknown said...

At least the front yard has plenty of lime!!

KBroome said...

Thanks Ben and Michael for all the help:)