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Monday, March 2, 2009

I've been absent. I have some pictures though. Are you ready? I'm re-capping some stuff for ya.Not much, just a little.

I know V-day was FOREVER ago. Betsy got heart shaped doggie treats. Yes, we made her pose with them.

The hubs cooked. It was deliciously loverly.

Mr. Romance sprinkled our home with rose petals. It was real sweet. I think he still loves me like the day we got married.
BUT. That's enough of that:)

Remember the last possum story? Here is another one. Orange possums in the picture above..You can barely see them but there are two.

The culprit? Whoa Black Betsy bamalam!

Snow day!
Sleep day.

Betsy enjoyed the snow too. No cold noses here.

Pictures of people soon to come.

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