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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last night is worth telling you about today. Just because I enjoy telling you about my time with Mr. Broome.
The ADT(security system) man left our house after quoting us $1500 for security. Ouch, guess money grows on trees in some back yards, but not ours. I guess we could start bucketing all of those apples.
Mr. Broomes pick me upper was, "Well, at least we can afford ferns! Lets go to Lowe's." So we went to pick out trees, shrubbery, flowers that we would like to plant for Spring.
Lowe's was out of ferns. Darn it. I was really looking forward to Mr. Broome hanging them on the front porch last night. It needs some color out there.
No ferns. No planting till Saturday. So we headed to Firehouse for dinner. As we were walking out with our sandwiches, Mr. Broome a meatball sub, and me a whole wheat turkey:)
I saw the biggest freakin rainbow.

It was lovely. So lovely I took a very low quality picture of it with my phone.
Then on the way home because the sky was every pink, orange, plumish, reddish color you would want to see on a Monday night, I took some more.

Then Mr. Broome and I began another chapter in our book. We Love this book. If you are a woman, would you ever think a book could read your mind? Speaking from experience, this one does.
Then, we had a pretty serious convo about the chapter we had read. It was so serious that Betsy came over to the bed and whined. It wasn't actually THAT serious, but Betsy needed some lovin.
Mr. Broome rubbed her sweet head and found another tick. Sick.
We plucked it off of her. Are you grossed out? I don't care, shes a country dog.
BUT. Mr. Broome and I do need to get some tick spray or something for the yard. Do they even make that???

On a side note. If you are reading this today and your name is Caroline Paris. I just want to say I love you friend.

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Ben said...

Y'all need to get Security Solutions out there to quote the security system. I bet they'd beat that ADT quote by a good bit! I can get you in touch with my uncle Chad if you need...