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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Last week. Just like other weeks.
I made my sugar some rice crispy treats. Home made, yes sir.

Its all in the elbow, and in the heart:)

Oh yeah, I ran my first 8 miles Saturday. No pictures of that though, unless you really wanna see my red, sticky, sweaty, face. Oh you do? I'll take pictures next time.
Had dinner with friends Saturday night. Andy and Russ have made a serious new friend who makes hamburger steaks that are outa this world.

Our hostess home was LOVELY! See the paneling in the background.

Whats a blog post without a pic of me and the hubs?

Now for one story.
Betsy is no longer just a sissy house dog wanna be hunter. She caught her first mouse. Actually, TWO. Yes, I got home from work Friday to find hubs and Betsy in the field behind the house. Andy was all excited because he didn't know she had it in her. Oh she did though. After standing outside for a bit with them, I actually saw a mouse take off and Betsy chased it and caught it! Ah.. she didn't get all crazy with it or anything, I think she was scared to hurt it, but she definitely carried it in her mouth and then tried to roll on it. Grapes, shrimp and now.. mice. All delicacies to Betsy. If she loves it, she'll roll on it.

Too much info on a Sunday night?

One more thing. We received information of a plane crash and a college student passing this weekend. Please pray for the families affected.

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