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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Story, but no pictures.
Me and Mr. Broome worked in the yard most of Sunday afternoon. We moved dirt around, pine straw, and talked about where we wanted to plant some shrubbery, etc.
We sat on our swing and enjoyed the wind.
Mr. Broome got a wild hair. Those red heads are Always gettin wild hairs!
In the back yard, we have this bush kind of plant. Not really sure what in the heck it is. It has long, stretched out vines that cover this patio in the backyard. So I guess Bush's don't really have vines, but this just tells you how WEIRD this plant is. Mr. Broome has had enough of it. SO..
I was just about to walk inside the house when Mr. Broome said, "Stay there darlin, we have business to take care of." Off he went into his building with a mission in mind and little time before sundown.
He came out with a chain, a big chain, and the black truck.
He hog tied the bush with his chain, which was attached to the black truck. He got in his truck and vroomed backwards.
No luck though.
This unruly bushvine would require the big white truck.
Do you think the white truck lifted that sucker?
Mr. Broome had to get on his hands and knees, holding the rope/chain, tying it tight around this jerk of a bushvine!
And then.
Mr. Broome enlisted the help of his wife.
"I'm sorry darlin, but this is the way it has to be. Hop up in that big white truck and push the gas for me darlin. Come on hun, I'm countin on ya."

Would you believe that bush vine is still in the ground? We were able to rip some vines off the sucker, but that was about it.

I'm sure there will be another sunset bushvine tale to tell soon to come.
Just you hold your horses.

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