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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I took off work to study and go to the Dr.
Andy took off work to go with me so the better part of our morning was spent together. I studied, he worked on the bookshelf for our den.
Then to the Dr.
And please let me tell you how much I wish I had pictures for this post. I have one, and I will post it tomorrow, but it just doesn't make the story as oohey gooey as I would like.
And this is a gooey story.

A few weeks ago I had a mole on my back removed. Nothing was wrong with it, it looked normal. The lab results came back on it though and it was determined to be "A-typical." I don't really know what that means, but I do know it means they wanted some more of my skin to test to make sure there were no "melanomas" around where the mole had been removed.
Just call me Dr. Broome for summarizing medical stuff for you, ok?
So yesterday was the day I had to go and give them some of me.
Andy even asked me last night "does it feel weird to know that a piece of you(literally a chunk) is sitting in a jar right now?" Thanks Andy, what a clever way to think about it.
Moving on.
So Andy and I went to see the most wonderful dermatology Dr. around these parts.(I just determined this. He's short, and snowy haired, and he looks like a grandpa.)
After having a "local anesthetic" rubbed on the spot where the tissue was to be removed, I was taken to another room to lay down and have the rest of the numbing stuff injected.
Andy held my hand. Then the Dr. poked a needle around the spot(that was not quite numb) until soon, I had no feeling at all.
The anticipation of having a knife in my back and more than a top layer of skin being removed scared the crap out of me. I could only think about what the second and third and fourth layers of skin looked like. Pink, red, goeey. Mmm..
Tear. One tear. I shed one tear of anticipation.
Then the cutting began and I didn't even know it. Andy held my hand and he squeezed harder when the cutting and removing was going on. I didn't know, but I could really guess based on his faces and hand squeezing.
The nurse said "Ok, now your going to hear a drilling noise but that's ok, just relax."
Drilling, buzzing, Andy said they were "cleaning it."
He later told me they were "cauterizing it" because I was bleeding a good bit.
Cauterizing is burning the skin ok?
So here's the end.
I asked if I could see the chunk of me they took. After all, it was mine. Andy said "NO. Don't let her." The nurse agreed.
Since when do I have a weak stomach?
Speaking of weak stomachs, I hear were getting storms this weekend...
Anyway, the point of this whole story is that I got to get ice cream afterwards. Am I five??
I did, a cup of Bryers Heath Bar Vanilla. Darn good.

So, lastly and positively. I am confidant in the Lord's goodness in the pain I feel today and in the results whatever they may be.
I am also very thankful for a sweet husband to hold my hand and talk about ice cream flavors while it was going on to distract me.
What is you favorite flavor? Can you think about ice cream and blood at the same time?

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