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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Admission of Guilt

Dear Mr. Broome,
If you are looking for that second to last Red bull in the refrigerator, its gone.

I took it. I stealthy, quietly maneuvered through the kitchen this morning and plucked it from the third shelf. I even dropped it while dishing out Betsy's food. She ran to the bedroom eager to tattle, but she can only speak dog. Too bad for you. Only now do I feel a bit of guilt after seeing how many calories are in one. 110. I enjoyed it this morning but I assure you its my last. Sugar free for me from now on.


Mindabelle said...

hahaha That reminds me of when I lived on the hall next door to you. And you would be "stealthily" sneaking into our pantry. I would wake up with you standing over me reaching for some food item in the back of the closet. And I would go... "good morning Kirbey." Or if you were trying to secretly steal some of Emily's clothes... hahaha those days were fun...

KBroome said...

Ah I laughed out loud at that. I miss the hall:(