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Friday, April 24, 2009

Its getting pretty funny over at Melinda B.
Not much has happened this week except that I have discovered I am still a runner. I took a couple weeks off when I had that work on my back done. I found my legs a little hungover from it all the first week back, but I have run 12 miles in the past two days. Since I haven't always been a runner, I thought that maybe I would lose my umph to start it up again. I was debating if it was still going to be "my thing."
It is. I love it. I love sweating and knowing that my face exuding constipation is really just me being tough and pushing on.
I am thankful for the places I get to enjoy running. My own neighborhood is tree lined for shade, but exposed to bright sun in just the right places. There isn't too much traffic which is good since there are no sidewalks. Lastly, the fertilized fields of chicken poop(that's what Mr. Broome says it is anyways) only makes me feel that much more in touch with mother nature and her growing green grass for cows to munch on.
Whats a good post without a picture?
I give you Betsy.
She will be heading with me and hubs to the beach next week.
That reminds me. This blogger will be on hiatus from Monday to Sunday.
Its our anniversary:)Its the day we(me and Betsy) became a family with Mr. Broome.

If you know Betsy(ie. amanda, cass, b, eemy).. can you imagine her at the beach? Do you think she will like it? Does it make you laugh to think of her putting her face in salt water?
I will have to get some good pictures.


Cass said...

I was just thinking this morning that this time a year ago we were getting ready to start the one week countdown to the wedding! Where has the time gone?!?

I can't wait to see pics of the Betser girl. What's going to be even funnier is when she discovers sea gulls for the first time!
Love you all, little Broome family!

Mindabelle said...

Aw I can't believe its almost been a year since you got married. I feel like it was just yesterday... that night was so much fun. It was the first time i'd ever met Phil actually I'm pretty sure Phil got a speech from every single one of us that night. Congratulations on one wonderful married year! And I can't believe you ran 12 miles in two days.

Amanda said...

I think betsy will be scared of all the chaos (waves, kids, birds, etc) like she is of children:) bless her sweet little heart though! She just loves being around you and andy! I can't wait to see pics! Send my a video too! I would love that!

And I agree with everyone else, where did this past year go? How weird that you're not really a newly-wed anymore! A week after yalls 1 year anniversary, daniel and I will celebrate our 6 month:) ouuu lala! Have fun on vacation!